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  1. Depends on where you live exactly....don't go by central parks temps unless you live in a similar urban area...Pretty easy to still experience temps in the 20's in early April.
  2. 75 here...not unusual for these early warm days to exceed expectations.
  3. 53° high here today with a se wind...Looks pretty uneventful for us next ten or so days...Tomorrow looks warmer with SW wind, temps into the 60's. Cooling off thereafter though with temps returning below normal thru late next week.
  4. Yeah mainly sleet here...temp down to 35° starting to get a coating.
  5. Just saw that Elliot Abrams of Accuweather retired after 51 years there. He was one of the best...learned a lot growing up listening to him on 1010 wins.
  6. Pretty cold stretch for March...Been below freezing now since around 8 pm on Monday...Will get above 32° tomorrow. Also a -8.2° temp departure thru first week.
  7. Be interesting to see how long this wet pattern can continue...since Feb 2018, only one month has had below normal precip at my station ( June).
  8. 17° here this am...Normal highs now are in upper 40's , so high temps around freezing are pretty impressive. March station low temp record is 6° last set on this day in 2015.
  9. I had 0.90" liquid...Any one else? Don't think I've seen any others posted.
  10. 21.2" now...40 year average is close to 31".
  11. 4.8" total here, le of 0.90". Several episodes of sleet cut into totals.
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