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  1. doncat

    October 2018 Discussion & Observations

    And yet another day with measurable precip here, 132 days ytd with 52.28" total.
  2. I have to right click first and open in a new window...on IE.
  3. doncat

    October 2018 Discussion & Observations

    Meanwhile as we all watch fascinated by Michael, another 80 degree, 70 dp day...cant wait for the cooldown... Great job by our posters in the tropical thread btw.
  4. doncat

    The Banter Thread

    Regardless of the subject most journalists make no effort to do research , just repeating what they've been told, and or have an agenda.
  5. It's been wet for sure...I've had 21.54" since July 1st.
  6. Have had 48.07" of precip here this year so far, about 10" above normal. With the exception of Jan and June, every month has seen greater than 5.25".
  7. 1.55" here...Been just on the se edge of the rain shield with very little falling since around noon.
  8. 0.76" here so far today.
  9. 63/58 temp split here today...Only have about an 11° range between the monthly max mean and low mean, owing to all the damp cloudy weather this month.
  10. I was never aware of this site until yesterday, when someone mentioned it on that other sites facebook page.
  11. With astro summer ending today, here are some final stats from my station...Mean temp of 75.5° ties for 8th warmest and rainfall of 19.65" comes in at 4th wettest, during the 40 years of record. Felt warmer to most of us I'm sure with the high humidity on many days.
  12. Hello everyone... Nice dew drop this morning, can really feel it.
  13. doncat