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  1. Just the theme of this winter....even with a weak system, with cold air preceding and following it....still can't make it work.
  2. 61 degree high here today is record for the date.
  3. Thru the first 14 days, Feb has a +2.2° temp departure at my station...With 40 years of record, the last two Febs were the warmest on record with 2017 first and 2018 tied for 2nd with 1998. Hopefully March can turn around like it did last year.
  4. All we need is 20 more 1" front end thumps to get to normal snowfall....With this pattern, that's the only way.
  5. Because im bored.... An overused phrase I hear from forcasters including mets is "Washed away by rain" or some form of that phrase...implying that the changeover from snow to rain will melt what has fallen. Of course this can happen when temps spike into the 40's or higher, but often the lower levels don't warm up that much, and rain and mid 30's wont kill several inches of snow. It seems to be a knee jerk thing with changeovers....happened yesterday.
  6. doncat

    YTD Snow Totals 2018-19

    8.6" … When your goal is double digits, you know its bad.
  7. Really realized yesterday how much I've missed the snow events this year....It was just minor but still went out and walked around with the wife....did that alot past several winters. Haven't been feeling too well past few months so I enjoy my snow to cheer me up....more please.
  8. Snow/sleet here today totaled 1.3"...Temp split of 34/26...Total precip of 0.77", more coming up from the south should get us to or slightly over the 1" mark when all is said and done.
  9. Getting some freezing rain now mixing with the sleet...temp 30 degrees.
  10. About 1.2" down, 28 degrees... I'll just describe the current conditions as changeable. Had about 0.35" LE.
  11. Mostly light snow here at the moment...Agree with those that mentioned more sleet with the heavier rates it seems.
  12. 26° with all sleet here.
  13. Alot of that is modeled to dry up to our south shortly, and redevelop towards morning, hence the later starting times...we shall see.
  14. First measurable of month here....0.2" woo hoo.
  15. It would just fit the theme this winter of nothing going right for a snowstorm...wave one depressed further south so little or nothing from that, then wave two delayed giving time for the upper levels to warm, so sleet more likely....storms too fast, too slow, too south, too north...amazing.