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  1. Highest gust so far imby is 38mph. Been rippin since 8am edit: nice squall blowing through right now.
  2. I came home to a slushy coating on all non paved surfaces. Didnt expect that at all. Currently 33° here
  3. I think you should do well up in Liberty. I can see 5-8" up your way. Down by me my initial guess would be 3-5".
  4. In regards to the boundary layer in this setup I agree 100%. Its all about the mid levels in this situation and we have all seen this game before. Temps below 950mb warming above 0c will add insult to injury
  5. Watch the temps between 700-850.. Thats where that warm air intrusion is gonna occur. Those 850 maps are completely misleading. Combine that with a torched boundary layer and you have rain. Those in the interior won't have a scorched boundary layer but those mid level temps will kill any chance at a mostly snow event. Im up by I-84 and im only expecting 3-5"
  6. The initial fronto band doesn't really make it up this way.. Its delivers the goods down in S-C PA and slides eastward. Precip arrival is also delayed to Sat afternoon.
  7. I would treat it as your typical SWFE. Way too early to be discussing specific snow amounts but I wouldn't go expecting a big snow event for your area.
  8. Never ever underestimate that mid level warm surge. Its almost always faster than progged. I think we should treat this as your typical swfe for the area. Accumulating snow N of 78 with more as you go northward toward 84.
  9. Impressive start to the winter season up here.. Picked up 1" of new snow today with the squalls. Currently 12°
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