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  1. All virga here... Heavy echos overhead and nothing falling. Temp 32° 1/2" on non paved surfaces
  2. I guess we got our man but damn 9 yr 324 mil is just od. Lets hope he ages like Verlander
  3. surprised you guys don’t use this site more often. The cams at each site will answer that question for ya http://nysmesonet.org/weather/local#network=nysm&stid=manh
  4. I’ll be doing the drive home from work ( Manhattan ) in a couple hours. Should be an interesting drive watching the transition
  5. Lindor & Torres up the middle for the next 10 yrs. where do I sign for that? Can we start a gofundme lol
  6. Yeah man. The yanks just dumped him to the curb Phillies got him for 1 yr/14 mil. Now they have to extend DJ
  7. 1-3" is still a good call for NYC & immediate burbs. E LI could see a 4-5" spot. Up here in the interior up to 1".
  8. 29” from the 2010 storm. Some parts of eastern Orange County saw 36-40”
  9. 93 & the snowicane 2010 were unreal up this way. That 2010 storm was just on another level
  10. This is a 1-3" snowfall for pretty much the entire area w/ some lucky areas away from the coast seeing a 4" spot. Those boundary layer temps are a killa near the coast.
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