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  1. Snow is mixing with sleet now.. Temp of 22° No bueno
  2. Temp continues to slowly drop here... Down to 21.9° mod snow continues 3.5" otg
  3. You can clearly see where the boundary has set up.. The Hudson Highlands is forming a block against the warm intrusion
  4. Nice scene out there.. Wind is really picking up and out of the NE
  5. 22.3° moderate snow 2.4" otg
  6. Wow.. Upton really lowered totals up here. They revised their WSW up here for 3-5" of snow w/ up to 0.40" of ice.
  7. 22.8° here... CAD doing its dirty work up here
  8. Temp 23° w/ moderate snow 1.5" otg
  9. What are your thoughts for us N of 84 on the W side of the Hudson?
  10. Same here.. Temp fell back nicely as well. 24.1° now
  11. Temp of 24° w/ moderate snow 0.8" otg
  12. Same here.. parents in Highland mills are at 34 while I’m at 29 and about 1 mile north of 84
  13. Flurries have begun here.. Temp/dew -- 30/19
  14. 30/19 here.. Temps & dews have leveled off. Lets see how much snow we can squeeze out of the initial thump.