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  1. Picked up 1.5" here before the flip to sleet/rain Currently 33°
  2. Currently 38/23 Expecting 1-3" followed by some rain
  3. this winter is/was a disaster. Not the worse I’ve experienced up here but def top 3. Hopefully tonights event somehow over performs up here.
  4. 1-3" is a good call for those N of 84. Reminds me of the event this past Monday. No snow until you literally hit 84
  5. Temp 33° w/ Lgt rain 1.2" of new snow otg. Kids have a 2 hr school delay
  6. You should do well up there tonight. Maybe 1” in my hood.
  7. Looks like it flipped just north of you now in the North branch/Callicoon area.
  8. Winds completely calm up here. Temp holding steady at 38°
  9. Pressure down to 28.74 imby. Low is directly over head now
  10. R/S line is still up in Delaware county. Just started snowing in Deposit.
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