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  1. Just to my west in Sullivan county looks like a widespread 3-6". Most of that county has very good elevation so they always do well with early/late season events. @Crossbowftw3
  2. It snowed up here in orange county but nothing on the ground now
  3. Going below 0 tonight.... Currently 1° 100% deep snow cover. You would think its Feb 7th
  4. Some areas in and around Orange/Sullivan counties got COLD last night. Courtesy of NYS Mesonet Eldred : -0.5° Otisville : 1.5° Warwick : 1.8° @Crossbowftw3 I know you are located near Eldred.. What was your low last night?
  5. 6.2" = 44.1" Need one more warning event to get me to average.
  6. I’m back and forth between light & moderate snow
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