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  1. Me reading these winter preview posts...
  2. Wow much appreciated! Pretty interesting to see the differences between individual storms.
  3. Nice. Could you compile a list with snowstorms with poor ratios? I believe the Snowicane (Feb 25-27 2010 storm) had over 3.0 inches liquid for our area (there was some mixing that occured). I cracked 20 inches here in NE NJ and so did Central Park. The snowfall distribution for that one was a bit weird in Northern NJ for that one (probably due to the mixing and long duration of the storm)
  4. I'll definitely sign up for 2003-04. A MECS and bunch of smaller storms throughout the winter including 1 in March. That year had a very North to South even distribution of snow totals in NJ
  5. A good soaking today for the immediate NYC metro and see how much we can get tomorrow afternoon/night.
  6. Looking at the modeling increasingly bringing down the 0 degree C 850mb isotherm into the continental United States...its coming . Should be another fun winter will all of y'all!
  7. Yep. Allows it to come a bit more inland into E NC.
  8. The 12z GFS ended up being a bit E of its 6z run around Florida...but further N check out the differences in SE Canada
  9. Was trending more north with each run until this run. The 6z Euro was pretty far south and the 12z GFS was closer to the Florida coast compared to its 0z/6z runs before its made its turn north. All eyes now turn to the 12z Euro.
  10. Yep. Recon will probably confirm in a bit. Significant improvement in presentation over the last few hours.
  11. Looks like we have a center relocation for Dorian. Btw if any of you guys have Twitter and don't follow Philippe, you're missing out. His TC/hurricane knowledge and tweets are among the best.
  12. 21z HRRR likes Southern NJ, NNJ, parts of NYC...
  13. Things are usually interesting near the warm front boundary...
  14. Certainly looks like a TDS. A tornado has been observed.
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