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  1. 21z HRRR likes Southern NJ, NNJ, parts of NYC...
  2. Things are usually interesting near the warm front boundary...
  3. Certainly looks like a TDS. A tornado has been observed.
  4. Impressive TDS that dropped right near it. Debris up to 20k. Full extent of damage will become evident, but looks like a pretty bad hit.
  5. Models have trended stronger with the ULL over South Central/SE Canada muting the potential warmup for our area. We'll see how things play out, but it appears the big winners for any warm up will be those west and south of our locations. Models do seem to be honing in on warmth past Day 9-10 which would match up with that Memorial Day weekend timeframe.
  6. The FV3 is wild lol. It consistently comes out with crazy solutions.
  7. Northeast Snowstorms Volume 1 and 2 Set by Paul Kocin and Louis Uccellini going for 100 dollars on Amazon. Been hearing about these books for years. Is it worth it?
  8. Day 5-6 event is a longshot, but it is impressive to see some of the models with an impressive, bombing low out in the Atlantic. Probably not enough blocking to help us this time around. I would probably be more excited if I were in Eastern SNE though. Past this event, looks warm through Day 16, but no blowtorch in sight.
  9. The Atlantic does looks pretty bad as modeled next week. However, most modeling is showing slow shortwave progression in the Eastern part of the country early next week leading to cutoffs galore. This is leading to some pretty impressive solutions by some of the ensembles and models. Isn't this time of year (mid-late March) more prone to cutoffs as well?
  10. Very interesting look from the UKMET always seems like its more progressive than the other models in the medium range. Its one of the better models so we'll see if the other models trend towards this. Other than that, long range modeling is showing a +PNA ridge starting in about 10 days. Our snow chances dwindle every day that passes by, but I'll think we'll be tracking a threat in the 11-16 day period.
  11. Damn man sorry to hear that. I have been all snow for the last 15 minutes, but snow growth has definitely taken a hit over here. Looking at Correlation Coefficient radar, sleet line isn't backing down.
  12. Hey man, I'm just across the George Washington Bridge here in Jersey. Is it sleeting by you? I had a few pellets fall about 15 minutes ago.
  13. Not a single one. Just goes to show how difficult mid level temperature forecasting is
  14. Sounded like I got a few pingers mixed in with the heavy snow a few minutes ago but back to all snow now
  15. When we recall this storm in the future, we will call it the "Meow" storm.
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