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  1. I agree. Not the best setup (Atlantic is not helping us much here), but an improvement over much of the setups we have had over the last month. The next 5 weeks should be fun.
  2. Ace

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    We'll get a MECS/HECS when I take my talents to South Beach February 1st to the 4th
  3. Thank you! Those little details can be of great importance to those who are lurking and from those fringe Northwestern areas where a small difference in temperatures can mean a huge change in terms of weather impacts. Its been great being part of this community and learning from you and the many other skilled individuals on this board.
  4. I'm in Englewood which is on the eastern side of BC close to the Hudson River and I'm hoping for an inch or 2 lol. 2 to 3 inches sounds good for where you're at and I'm surprised western BC is still under a WSW
  5. I was not aware that the HRRR had those parameters built into it. Should be interesting to see if it continues. By the way you do an excellent job explaining difficult concepts in layman terms and pointing out key factors to monitor/ keep in mind
  6. The RAP has had the same trend. I wouldn't make any major conclusions either and it may just be noise. Aren't these short term models typically amped in the longer range as well? May just be correcting itself.
  7. Not much a difference on the Nam. Just a bit colder and those North may hold onto ice for a bit longer. Hoping for those up north to do well!
  8. The 18z Nam is gonna come in a bit colder...better confluence...we'll see how much of a difference is made.
  9. Expecting an inch or two here in Bergen County. Those farther NW should pay attention to any colder trends
  10. I don't know about that. Its been consistent too. The Nam has had a wild few runs with large shifts. The 18z Euro yesterday was warm too I believe so that makes 4 straight runs.
  11. In the end the 12z Euro looks pretty similar to the 0z run. Was a bit slower, but thats about it.
  12. I think the Euro looks slightly better than 0z through 30 hours...our shortwave is slower and the Ull over SE canada is a bit south.
  13. The 12z Nam had 2 things go bad for us. The shortwave was well organized and amped while the TPV orientation sucked as it was SW to NE. The 0z Nam had our shortwave much weaker and disorganized even though it had a similar TPV orientation to the 12z. The 6z NAM had the shortwave as strong as the 12z but it had a more favorable TPV orientation than either the 0z and 12z and ran (West to East) so it still showed a favorable cold solution. The 12z had both features trend unfavorably leading to the solution we now have. Ultimately we will probably see these features shift back and forth over the next day or so.
  14. Probably won't be as bad as yesterday's 18z run but not as good as today's 0z and 6z
  15. I'm not liking what I'm seeing so far. The tpv orientation got worse and our shortwave got its act together quick.