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  1. Thought I was going to see it the night my daughters' girl scout meeting was held in my house...timing didn't work out though. I still haven't seen Solo dammit!
  2. When I was a kid, I used to be obsessed with Maine because of snow. I really wanted to live in Caribou. In fact, in a league I created for the Out of the Park Baseball game I have a team that plays in Caribou. That's normal right?
  3. Scumbag...glad they caught him. Assuming of course that it really was him that did this.
  4. Hard to look at...this sucks. No serious injuries though, which is great news.
  5. We still have power, but it's dark all around us and hearing generators running...reminds me of the Sandy aftermath here.
  6. Power is out just a couple blocks away now.
  7. Trying to upload my own video...changed the post now, sorry. Flames look much lower from my house now.
  8. Can't seem to put up my own video of the fire from my house, but shared it on the 33andrain Facebook page.
  9. Thankfully the apartments are brand new and nobody has moved in yet. I hope no firefighters went in...don't think they would, but I don't know.
  10. Friends of ours that are a couple blocks closer heard the building collapse.
  11. Cop got the call as he was driving by my house right around 8.
  12. One of the buildings just collapsed...not really unexpected. My house is far enough away to not worry, but it looks damn close.
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