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  1. Here's the backside of what what just whipped through here...
  2. Some pea sized hail in Bound Brook...crashing sideways into our windows!
  3. Pretty cool radar look anyway...and some crazy lightning just now!
  4. Yup, that's me back when I was a bit more active writing for my website. I've backed off some due to time constraints and a general lack of web traffic there. Feel free to read some of my other stuff! FYI I blame myself for this winter because I've been on a Keto diet, and thus no Chinese food!
  5. Thanks very much...I wrote this for my website last winter but thought folks here might like to know the origin of my name. I also amended my weather board links to a much a better site!
  6. I'm going to use the official Bridgewater total, because I couldn't get a good measurement by the time I got up this morning. They have it at 5.8 I believe. I'll bump that up to an even 6 which makes a total of 10" and $100. I donated $100.89 because I hate seeing that 11 cents hanging out there!
  7. Thanks, I am honored to carry the title! Hopefully I'll be snow blowing 10" of fresh powder tomorrow in my sweet 33 and Rain hat!
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