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  1. Was it going to be a "humdinger" or just a "dinger"? I always prefer a little hum with my dinger.
  2. I will throw some more salt into our wounds. Just imagine what the next 2 weeks would be like if we had a better pattern and colder air, EPIC.
  3. This just proves it is very hard to snow in bad patterns even with a track like that.
  4. Someone start a spring/severe weather thread ASAP.
  5. I think we should start talking more about wind, coastal flooding, heavy rain/flooding with some of these storms on the horizon.
  6. Weather is like a soap opera. "As The Weather Turns And The Frustration Sets In". Let the dominos fall where they may but here is my take on the rest of winter.
  7. It sounds like DT (WxRisk) is about to throw in the towel on winter is his new "This Week in Weather" video.
  8. Yep and as noted by a met on another forum there could be coastal flooding issues as well. At least the pattern is active just not the kind of active we want.
  9. Ref weekend storm: Do we go from lighter rain to heavier rain or heavier rain to lighter rain, that is the question.
  10. So here we are on January 20th and the city/coast has seen no substantial snowfall amounts from any one storm with another currently on the horizon looking to once again favor areas N&W. I think its safe to say this is not a winter for the NYC metro/coast and what we have been seeing may continue right through the rest of the winter. We will see if our run of snowy March months can continue but otherwise things are not looking good IMO.
  11. Sooo close to being something bigger for the city itself. The earlier it develops the better it will be for more areas a bit further south and east. This is probably the best potential we have seen so far this winter for widespread snows IF things continue to improve.
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