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  1. That map alone should tell you this is not our winter.
  2. I can. The theme of the winter was set back in December and there is no reason why that should change for the remainder of it IMO. Just as an added note Larry Cosgrove is not very optimistic on any wintry weather for our area going forward in his weekly newsletter.
  3. I have zero interest in the Sunday night/Monday or Wednesday/Thursday storms. The theme this winter has been for storms to have a less wintry look as we move closer to the event and that theme is continuing. We have been chasing fantasy/digital snow all winter.
  4. Nope. I will just say hi instead.
  5. I am so glad I threw in the towel early this morning. I have no expectations for what is left of winter. If it snows, great, if it doesn't, great.
  6. Route 27 and Chandler is what they have listed for Wawa.
  7. That is going to be a QuickChek. Wawa is moving into Roselle.
  8. Forky is sticking a fork in it.
  9. Like the models I have officially caved. If something good happens so be it.
  10. Is there any chance we can get oh I don't know an 18 hour snow squall that drops 12-15"?? lol
  11. I felt like we were tracking a Derecho instead of a snow squall with that one.
  12. Yeah well you certainly can't stop it from coming, its called seasons. It is what makes us look forward to September/October when talk really starts to ramp up for the coming winter.