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  1. So the big question, does the Euro cave to what the GFS has been showing the last couple of runs? Although the GFS did have a couple of runs where it showed a slower more dynamic/phased system.
  2. On the NAM. Winds still gusting over 40 mph for portions of the area.
  3. It looks like the 00z GFS is much wetter for the mid to late week coastal storm. It also looks like it develops earlier, winds could be an issue on Thursday.
  4. I am OK with a steady cool down, just hold off any real cold and snow until the 3rd week of November onward.
  5. Exactly, unless someone can guarantee me we go wall to wall cold and snow from November 1st until March 1st I am out. BTW, Luke I am your father lol.
  6. I agree, the one thing I do want to see signs of is coastal storms which we seem to be getting so far.
  7. At this point I would be more worried about storms staying to far east instead of cutting lol. (sarcasm)
  8. How I see this winter shaping up for me on the weather forums.
  9. This winter may shape up to be like "next winter"?? this winter hasn't even happened yet let alone next winter lol.
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