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  1. Picked up 0.32" of rain for the day yesterday. Current temp 44
  2. Light to moderate rain falling here. Current temp 53
  3. What originally looked like a 1-2" rainfall for the NYC metro now looks like 0.50" at best with more on LI unless the models wind up being to far east with the heaviest precipitation.
  4. For the NYC metro we should see a decent rainfall out of this on the order of 1-2" with a few locally higher amounts.
  5. Nice day today. Current temp 66 Picked up 0.12" of rain so far today.
  6. Picked up 0.13" of rain for the day yesterday. Current temp 45
  7. Late week storm. I think the Euro/EPS currently has a better handle then the GFS.
  8. Picked up 0.76" of rain for the day. Current temp 49
  9. We could potentially see a few inches of rain late week although we have seen some instances where the models have been overdone precipitation wise so we'll see. Hopefully this holds.
  10. Picked up 0.28" of rain so far today. Hoping to pick up at least another half inch. Current temp 57
  11. The 12z GFS continues to be very wet for late week possibly into the early portion of next weekend.
  12. Another winner out there today. Current temp 68
  13. The GFS is making things wetter for the upcoming weekend. We'll see what the other models show.
  14. Really nice day out there. Current temp is 69 here.
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