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  1. A late high of 95 here which is the current temperature.
  2. Temps rapidly on the rise this morning. Current temp 82/DP 67/RH 61%
  3. Since June 1st I have had 7 days where the temp has reached 90 or above here. I expect to add on at least another 4-5 days over the next week or so.
  4. Its possible. I think some areas could be at or approaching 90 by late morning so I think mid 90's is doable especially for the immediate NYC metro/NE NJ.
  5. Tomorrow morning we should have a good launching pad for temps. Current temp is still 82 here.
  6. Picked up 0.83" of rain for the day. Current temp 68/DP 65/RH 90%
  7. Picked up 0.72" of rain so far today. Current temp 73/DP 71/RH 93%
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