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  1. Picked up 1.24" of rain so far today. Current temp 51
  2. Picked up 0.53" of rain so far today. Current temp 51
  3. ^This. Clearly we are not struggling like we did last year and hopefully won't. Storms have turned more favorable as we move closer in time not the opposite like last winter.
  4. In Larry Cosgroves "Longer Term" (between day 11 and 15) section of his weekly newsletter he is basically calling for a volatile temperature pattern for the rest of the month between cold intrusions and warm ups. We may warm up for a period in the week prior to Christmas and snow enthusiasts living in the interstate 10, 20 and 95 corridor may be disappointed about snowfall potential. He also says that the best odds for accumulating snow for Dixie and the Eastern Seaboard will be from the last half of January into the first half of March. We'll see what happens
  5. DT (WxRisk) has posted his final winter outlook. https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=1CA2F9A16D1A6375!13380&ithint=file%2cpptx&authkey=!AC_lsieTX6tAQh0
  6. Ugh that is the weekend I am in my friends wedding down the shore. Rehearsal dinner on the 13th, wedding 14th. If it could hold off until late on the 15th that would be great.
  7. You know what I like seeing?, the opposite of last winter. The pattern appears to want to remain cold and winter storm threats appear in the short/medium range, not disappear. All good signs for this winter IMO.
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