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  1. High for the day was 93 here. Picked up 0.10" of rain for the day. Current temp 72/DP 70/RH 93%
  2. High for the day was 91 here. Picked up 0.19" of rain for the day. Current temp 77/DP 73/RH 87%
  3. New Severe Thunderstorm Watch for the rest of the area now until 10 pm.
  4. It looks like storms are starting to fire over E.PA/NW NJ. Warning out just south of Reading PA.
  5. High for the day yesterday was 94 here. Current temp 75/DP 71/RH 87%
  6. High for the day yesterday was 90 Current temp 92/DP 78/RH 64%
  7. Picked up 0.32" of rain for the day Current temp 71/DP 69/RH 94%
  8. Just as a side note. Even though the potential for severe weather/heavy rain has diminished the NWS does mention there is still considerable uncertainty on how things will evolve today. Just something to keep in mind.
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