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  1. Ehhh maybe we should wait a couple of days before giving this storm its own thread. It might be the kiss of death.
  2. The Euro has a tendency to run slow so I would lean more on the GFS timing wise but we'll see.
  3. Alot to digest here over the next 2-3 days. The overnight Euro was impressive but I am not ready to completely bite yet.
  4. Well the forum members along the coast certainly will not like the 06z GFS including myself.
  5. Looks like some timing differences among the models. Some have the storm starting on Sunday while others have it starting on Monday. Those timing differences should get resolved over the next 2-3 days as long as the storm doesn't get suppressed to our south.
  6. Winter Weather Advisory cancelled here. The ice threat has diminished.
  7. Well it is a risk IMO and wouldn't surprise me one bit. A little to early to be overly concerned though.
  8. It looks like most of the NYC metro area except Long Island. Also nothing in effect for Monmouth County.
  9. Winter Weather Advisory in effect here from 1am until 1pm Tuesday for up to 1" of snow and ice accumulations up to 1 tenth of an inch.
  10. Hopefully she cools down a bit.
  11. Considering what happened with the modeling and the pattern for this week I won't begin to take this seriously until after the 12z runs on Thursday. Do you blame me?
  12. Looking forward to the cold dry winds this week. What a disappointment.
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