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  1. My apologies if this was already discussed...but DT was banned from Twitter?
  2. Long range seems to be making a steep drop after maxing out. Any chance that snaps back the other way end of month?
  3. Wow pretty deep for an ensemble mean a week out. Is that the reflection of a primary running through NY state/NE or no?
  4. @PB GFI is the 2nd strengthening wave over the IO moving east as the wave east of the dateline fades causing the MJO to enter the COD and lean toward the warm phases towards the end of the run?
  5. meteorologist DT used to have something on his site showing a ridiculously high percentage of DC-Boston all snow events occurred on weekends. However included in that are storms that start on a Friday and end on a weekend or storms that start on a Sunday and end on a Monday. So that leaves tues-thurs really for non-weekend days which skews the data some. But it’s a great psychological boost when you see a model showing a snowstorm on a weekend!
  6. do we need this to run the table through 8-1-2 to get a favorable Feb? If not then what needs to happen for that to occur?
  7. this is exactly what should be captioning his tweet. Incredibly misleading not doing so
  8. seriously. Not sure why he would tweet that out without telling the whole story. That same eps flips pretty substantially and his map doesn’t tell the complete story.
  9. Ryan Maue tweeted out this. I feel like it’s a bit misleading due to the extreme warmth in the midrange being heavily weighted in this 30 day avg...
  10. Wow...They actually don’t have us above normal . I know it’s US based but Would be nice if they included Greenland and Canada to give us a more clear picture Of their thinking/reasoning
  11. curious...with ridging over the top like that, would a more meridian ridge out west allow the southern stream to go positively tilted quicker as it crosses the Mississippi and help bring this up the coast? Figured I would ask as I’ve learned more from you all than I did in the met program i attended in at Rutgers
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