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  1. Odd question: what would the gfs control be in the first chart? Is it the operational?
  2. Thanks for the response. I’m curious as to how they got this data with a “single shot “ over the course of 100+ days. Wasn’t everyone in the trial given both doses or were they not?
  3. I’m not sure I saw this posted here but a friend of mine shared this chart with me regarding the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine red line is the placebo and blue line is the vaccine. Strong efficacy after 10-12 days - this is only with first shot mind you. Crazy
  4. Have we heard any thoughts from @DT (is0therm) regarding the strat and any possible impacts forthcoming? Would really be interested in what he has to say edit idk why after seeing is0therm tagged and choose the handle, it reverts to DT? But I’m referring to Is0therm above just with an “o” instead of a “0”. For some reason it won’t let me type the correct spelling of that particular word haha. So weird
  5. This is just the GFS trying to get more members to donate/pledge! in all seriousness though can this have more to do with the energy diving into North Dakota and out west holding back a little causing the whole system downstream to be “less progressive” and hug the coast more? I feel like this could be having more of an influence on THIS RUN than what’s going on with the high to the north. I’m certainly no met but when I look at the gif comparison between 12z and 18z that’s what sticks out to me
  6. Anyone have any idea if there could be a way to start tracking vaccination numbers by state, daily? Kinda like how we track cases, deaths, hospitalizations. It would be intriguing to follow something like that as we slowly progress towards this proverbial light at the end of this tunnel
  7. no he’s canceling December, which we pretty much only had one shot with as it was.
  8. Any shot you have this map for Delmarva?
  9. not to mention I believe next Monday is a full moon...
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