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  1. Moderate snow in Paulus Hook Jersey City. Roads wet but colder surfaces coated. Rooftop of my building everything covered
  2. Can confirm, looking right back at ya from Paulus Hook in southern jersey city. Battery park slowly disappearing
  3. After having a hard time initially, the euro’s really been locked in the past couple runs with that bullseye
  4. I’m the site coordinator for NAEP grade 8 state testing that day at my school. My first year doing this so I’m sure it’ll be great luck for everyone on this board
  5. Sorry I didn’t see this before posting a DT tweet in the pattern thread. My apologies. This new rule makes sense
  6. With a nod from DT as well (not as early as PB of course ). What an amazing resource 33 has become. Amazing discussions with amazing people.
  7. mRanger48


  8. Monz, get me mah snow blowah! Lots of worrying over the MJo. reading others thoughts about other factors having more weight in a low amplitude mjo would be beneficial to the worriers
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