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  1. Looks like East Asian Mountain Torque is heading towards positive?
  2. Looks like the east will have a roller coaster the second half of April with a nice dip in the jet around Easter and another later in the following week with nice transient ridging in between.
  3. Looks like models are portending the Final Warming to downwell to the surface...
  4. Models retrograded the Greenland block too fast thus the late week storm will cut through the lakes on north(of Conus) before transferring east. The next storm however will be blocked from doing so early next week and instead will take a detour east through the northern mid Atlantic.
  5. How is the SOI positive with an El Nino standing wave in the pacific? Is it because it's too far west or what?
  6. How do we get a retractive Pac jet with a positive mountain torque and an El Nino Standing wave on the DL?
  7. But before we get there by Passion week one or two rounds of severe weather for the south-central/SE/Gulf states looks reasonable. What HD has termed the transitional period next week-weekend!
  8. A retrograding Pacific With a strong NAO block should give a similar 500mb Conus configuration to last March(or at least late Nov) I believe(Mid-April style). If it weren't for this incoming mammoth block, the retracted pacific jet would've given us a SE ridge and the Plains a perfect recipe for severe weather for mid month. But because of the Atlantic pattern, both the East and West coasts will have suppressed heights(like March 2018) as per what the GEFS shows.
  9. Do you know the username and password to THIS GWO chart site?

    1. Bring Back 1962-63

      Bring Back 1962-63

      Hi, the site you refer to is not GWO - it is the AAM/torque site:


      un = gsdm01

      pw = gu3st#1


      The GWO site is not password protected.  David

    2. Weathergeek
  10. Then how does he explain what happened last Thanksgiving lol.
  11. Oh retrograding SC block where were't though whence we needed thee several moons ago whence the sun was't in slumber? Seriously ensembles are now consistently calling for a late NOV. repeat(massive Scandinavian Ridge retrograding into Greenland/Eastern Canada)! Yep, a bookend deal. If this indeed comes to fruition then prepare for the models to continue suppressing heights in the East!
  12. Extended Pac Jets should more or less give us a +PNAish ridge.
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