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  1. Weathergeek

    Teleconnections: A More Technical Discussion

    Thanks for that lengthy explenation. Do you also think 2002-03 is a good Winter anolog?
  2. With the polar vortex expected to be over siberia I have no idia why models strengthen the secondary vortex over Baffin Island.
  3. Here's what December 12th-31st looked like that year though a couple days around Xmas we had a full laditude trough with that storm that gave the NE/MA a white Christmas.
  4. Weathergeek


  5. The second half of Dec 2002 was a torch for the U.s. yet we managed to luck out a storm around christmas that year! I'm saying this because I've heard 2002/03 is a good anolog for this Winter. That year Orlando dipped down into the low 20's in Jan!
  6. The retrograde keeps getting pushed back(now after Xmas) clearly the models havn't got a clue on what Xmas week will exactly bring.
  7. Weathergeek

    Teleconnections: A More Technical Discussion

    Is the jet retraction only gonna happen in Eurasia(causing the 500mb pattern to briefly retrograde just after xmas)? I think that's what Anthony Masiello is implying but I'm not sure.
  8. Weathergeek

    Teleconnections: A More Technical Discussion

    I'm new at all this. Doesn't a jet retraction imply a weaker meriadonal jetstream? Also do you still expect a PNA/EPO ridge by Xmas?