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  1. Down to 97 from a high of 98. HI 116. Tomorrow looks like the hottest day down here as dews should be a little lower and the clouds from the northwest should dissipate under the high pressure before they get here.
  2. 96/81/118 here It's like Venus's atmosphere but 65% humidity and only 96 degrees instead of 900 degrees.. downright sticky and dense out right now.
  3. 94/80/113 before 11 AM more like disgusting/disgusting/disgusting
  4. Still 87/75 at the Washington Post PWS right now. Here its 78/77 although many stations are still around 80 so it might actually rise a little bit overnight but we'll see. Windows are foggy with dew and it is downright BLEH!
  5. Pretty damn humid over by Stevensville MD (along the bay) with a couple showers. Still in the low 80s at 82/79. Gonna be right around 80 all night at the immediate beaches along the Chesapeake and close to 80 all night here. 81/76 at home and the water temps in the bay are in the mid 80s in many spots there.
  6. Twister is on! Always fun to watch my favorite childhood movie every once in a while again. Probably belongs in banter though.
  7. For anyone looking for relief from heat there is always Antarctica if you were rich enough Edit: A trip to Antarctica shouldn't be too difficult in terms of money if you planned your finances. Its at least $4-5,000. Or you could spray yourself with a garden hose all day.
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