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  1. I think next Wednesday will be my last sub 40 degree high till next winter.
  2. JUST as I thought it couldn't get any more hopeless, the models have trended away from extended periods of cold.. we could be talking about a torch in a few days on the models. Nothing is f*ckin working for us for the past 2 years. I doubt I even break 3 inches this winter, let alone 6 or 12. This just isn't our winter down here.
  3. Ugh. Euro looks effing terrible. F** this storm. Better get the next storm then. Im getting desperate
  4. I can still hear the sound of the plane engines from GTA San Andreas. This is the official anthem of flying around in GTA SA
  5. BTW: This is my 666th post. I have cursed the whole subforum in which it gets buried under too much snow and we all get tired of it in just a few days. Then it snows again and the statue of liberty gets buried.
  6. ofc we will miss yet another storm to the north. I'm sick and tired of these SWFE events. I WANT ALL SNOW.
  7. Nothing supports anything that BAMWX says at this point. They obviously aren't looking at the MJO. Toss.
  8. Horry sh*t! That front end thump looks very juicy along with very low dews out ahead. I can't wait till there's snow on the ground and the Chessy bay is frozen over 2015 style.
  9. That's a sh** ton of snow! Any snow that melts during the weekend storm is gonna refreeze into a glacier and there will be multiple threats after with a ton of cold air driven by a -EPO. Fun period coming up
  10. Huge temperature gradient in the NE.. 56 in Schenectady but only 38 in Saratoga springs NY. And that's only about 25 miles or so. Down here it's a steambath. It's been as warm as an average July night.
  11. Man I haven't felt this worse since the infamous Cundiff game. RIP Ravens' 14-2 streak. For nothing.
  12. Charleston WV is at 80 degrees per PWSs around the area
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