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  1. 72 with a dewpoint of 51 after a low of 46... before summer even ended lol
  2. Looks like 112.8 MPH max SFMR on the latest recon pass. Borderline major it looks like for the next update. Pressure way down at 951 mb on the sonde.
  3. 5th grade. 2001. I remember that day as a normal day in class talking about the hurricane (Erin I think?) as I was a huge weather nerd. Suddenly the teachers announced the news that planes hijacked by terrorists have been crashed into both world trade centers. Honestly thought we were entering a war during that period. We had to leave schools early due to safety concerns and being near Washington D.C, as the elementary school I went to was only about 20-30 miles from there. #NeverForget
  4. Cloudy skies under the northern cloud shield of Dorian. Extends for around 1000 miles.
  5. Levi from TT: Dorian will most likely take a lot longer for re-strengthening to occur since the core has gotten wider from the latest EWRC. Best guess would be 120-125 mph max *if* it restrengthens, however unfavorable shear looms just to the north: 5 PM advisory is here, and it appears that Dorian has sped up 1 MPH heading north. No changes to pressure from previous advisory. Track has moved closer to the coast per the 5 PM advisory as well, and trop. storm watches have been issued up to the southern Chessie bay.
  6. Dorian is probably barely even a cat 4 at this point.
  7. Do you think it will restrengthen back to category five strength once the ERC is complete?
  8. Goldsboro native gets featured on live TV for tracking Dorian for over 24 hours with very little sleep. He might just end up being a candidate for a job at the NHC. Good practice for our upcoming non winter winter.
  9. Full day satellite loop of the black hole of Dorian. The event horizon has already swallowed up the eastern grand bahama island. No time for caution.
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