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  1. I thought winter was over. Nope apparently, Suddenly seeing blue and green everywhere versus just two days ago. Cherry blossoms starting to appear on trees on a trip to dover DE earlier today
  2. No. Had enough of this winter with all these fails in my yard. Bring on spring. Unlike you I've been miserable up here but at least my SAD is finally going away after 3 long months
  3. Thought I heard a couple spring birds chirping. Temp rose from 27 to 41 in just under an hour here and my SAD seems to be going away.
  4. Heat lightning can be seen from here in Goldsboro MD. Feels like a summer evening!
  5. Won't be surprised if I wake up tomorrow and there's TSSN reports around NYC.
  6. Radar is really blowing up just to the south of me. Should give you guys up there some potential 1-2'' per hour rates if it doesn't lighten up before reaching them.
  7. Big difference driving a few miles north of me. Dusting of snow and rimed flakes vs plain rain back at my house. 3 degree temperature difference
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