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  1. Hope this NAO block retrogrades so far south that it becomes a heat dome over I-95
  2. It's also depressing and miserable here. Seabreeze diarrhea all day yesterday and I'm just barely into the low 50s while 20 miles to the south is almost 70.
  3. Wow the forums are really dead nowadays or is it just me.
  4. There is still a lot of ice hanging around newfoundland.
  5. Wouldn't the above normal water temps in the western Atlantic mean a SE ridge and heat for a majority of the summer from beginning to end?
  6. Loud thunderstorm went by here earlier. its now over the DE bay and clearing from the west
  7. What a lame severe threat for our area. I shouldn't of listened to DT.
  8. Why yet another sea breeze tomorrow? Can't this sh*t end already?
  9. Another ugly cold day tomorrow with temps only in the lower 60s falling through the afternoon with high wind gusts.
  10. Only 55 for a forecasted high here? Hmm Seabreeze forecasts are sometimes hilariously inaccurate from personal experience.
  11. Cool! Could you post pics of the features of the back door cold front if you have any.. Or if anyone has pics?
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