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  1. Northerly shift? Should folks in the Northeast keep watching this? or no chance that this thing impacts NYC for example?
  2. Are there any weather related podcasts I can listen to to follow the updates?
  3. What happens after landfall? Do you think it rides up the coast up to Northeast or does it dissipate upon landfall?
  4. I hear ya. Was looking forward to some weather drama in NYC. But it looks like no there’s no chance of Florence hitting NYC
  5. Is this ridge blocker situation what happened with Sandy when it made landfall in Northeast?
  6. Does anyone know at what time NWS NY provides its next update?
  7. thatJohann

    The Banter Thread

    Waiting for the latest official NWS NY forecast to see if it’s a bust or not for NYC. Dying of anticipation.
  8. Woke up at 4am to get the latest NWS forecast for NYC and it’s not out yet. Seems we’re still good for NYC, right?
  9. awesome! where can I read that? i want to share a link with some coworkers.
  10. thatJohann

    The Banter Thread

    I'm trying to follow the main thread. If I'm getting it right, it seems the latest shift in the models means NYC is getting much less snow than this morning's forecast? I am so confused.
  11. thatJohann

    The Banter Thread

    saw a tweet that it shifted south and the gradient is right above NYC so any minimal movement would give NYC rain or nothing, so I'm concerned its gonna shift south east and we get shafted lol
  12. thatJohann

    The Banter Thread

    yea i got a bad feeling about this. I feel it's gonna be a bust sadly.
  13. thatJohann

    The Banter Thread

    So the latest EURO is nuts, what are the odds that the storm completely changes trajectory and NYC gets no snow?
  14. thatJohann

    The Banter Thread

    Awesome, yet I'm confused. So, NWS NY keeps saying 12"+ for NYC, while a meteoroligist from ABC7 just tweeted to ignore forecasts around and they predict 3-6" for NYC tops. what's the latest?
  15. thatJohann

    Mid/Long Range Winter Pattern Discussion

    Edit: what's the most accurate forecast model typically?