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  1. Some insights into the lack of US landfalling hurricanes (along with no major hurricane landfalls) between 2006 and 2015, and the recent pronounced increase in US landfalling hurricanes.
  2. Don't count out 95L yet. However chance of direct impacts to US remains low.
  3. Nicholas's wobbling is likely temporary:
  4. Larry's intensity was likely lower than NHC estimates (which they acknowledged as being generous) late yesterday into early today, based on SFMR and dropsondes from recon. Seems to be starting the process of improved organization with deeper convection and hot towers on the western side and convection appearing less ragged than earlier today. Good chance IMHO that it continues to get better organized next 36 hours and is a cat 2 until just before Newfoundland landfall.
  5. Mindy could bring some surprises to NE FL and SE GA, including inland areas.
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