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  1. Another view of the surge and wind both doing their thing last night in Myrtle Beach.
  2. Surge damage in Myrtle Beach, SC was quite extensive. These photos are from a neighborhood of North Myrtle Beach.
  3. You're welcome, Mike! Isaias has been a particularly fascinating storm for me in terms of how it defied the prevailing expectations from NHC and most forecasters... also how unique the atmospheric setup is with the interaction with unusually deep trough, rare track just inland from the mid-Atlantic coast and very unstable air it is tapping into east of the track. My 40th birthday is tomorrow so I will need to rest up extra
  4. This is from a SC weather enthusiast who decided to chase Isaias:
  5. Wow, I am impressed that Josh Morgerman a.k.a. ICyclone decided to chase Isaias given his preference for more deep tropical "red meat". It was not at all certain until the last minute that Isaias would develop a coherent eyewall and avoid looking like what he calls a "slopcane".
  6. This is on the western side of Isaias!
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