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  1. Ah, now I see what the dilemma is. Thank you for clarifying!
  2. Thank you! I’ll go to the tele thread and read the analysis over there. In his thread, AM seemed concerned about the Hadley cell. I’m not sure why.
  3. The rest of the thread though looks questionable with the presence of the Hadley Cell in the West Pac. Maybe someone can shed light on this?
  4. Let’s allocate that trough over the eastern U.S. come mid to late January into February = “saturated yard”
  5. Seems like he was a little busy late last night. Good stuff! It’s really complicated though, but great to learn!
  6. Yep, first thing I noticed with the Euro. You want to squash that SE ridge? Bring that -NAO westward more like the Euro is doing. We’ll see.
  7. That’s a lot of beer! He needs to have a clear mind for short range forecasting and nowcasting.
  8. https://simonleewx.com/2018/12/27/not-all-ssws-were-created-equal/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Just read this from Simon Lee. It gives some insight about dSSW’s and nSSW’s. Hope this helps a little. So much uncertainty. You have to observe it like a hawk.
  9. With soil moisture content being so high ( the weekend storm adding to that extraordinary number), this wave you are depicting has a good chance of producing ( even if it is only a light event). It has a triggering mechanism in the saturated soil. Just my 2 cents there. Plus, Christmas snow would be nice!
  10. From Dr. Amy Butler: All GEFS members now committing to a reversal of 60N 10mb winds #SSW between Dec 25-30 which is somewhat astonishing for a 9-14 day forecast. However not all other models on board yet so still reason to be cautious.
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