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  1. Scotlandwx

    Stratospheric Discussion and Forecasting

    It is classic strop strat choreography or better put boxing. Scandinavia just served the Arctic an upper cut.. It took 3 rounds to steady, but a decent shot from an anomalous block. Over to the Aleutians..# Picked 50mb as that's where the fun is at
  2. Scotlandwx

    Stratospheric Discussion and Forecasting

    Incredible site - amazing to have this new resource... It's like an early Xmas present for Strat geeks..
  3. Scotlandwx

    Stratospheric Discussion and Forecasting

    Trop certainly enjoying aggravating the vortex at present, got to love Scandanavian Rocks in the atmospheric pond. Current - well - yesterday before ECM went off on steroids. Be interesting to see if this view changes from GEOS Only a few other yrs with similar W2 action ( since 79) at this point in proceedings...
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  5. Scotlandwx

    Teleconnections: A More Technical Discussion

    Hi, first post here from a devoted weather hobbyist who I know some of the contributors on here will have 'bumped' into across the Internet ether - congratulations on a tremendous thread and the intellectual dissection of the various teleconnections, exam questions and current challenges in understanding the mechanics of our atmosphere. Particular well done for making the connections to get the AAM data available. Really is something that we ought to protect and cherish. Hope to contribute over time - when time allows. Meanwhile from today, we see out winter friend or foe cranking up a gear across the column... Source of data: Probably my favourite strat obs site in terms of ease of interpretation, also pleasing to see much more new material coming online this season courtesy of Dr Lopez and Zac Lawrence. Will certaintly be another winter of watch and learn as we have the subtle nuances of the QBO switch in play as the season progresses. Keep up the great work all !