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  1. Great write ups in here. Something that I have seen regarding prominant early season split vortices (that may not quite produce a full SSW), is the Greenland plateau wave break. For us in the UK this has produced the most severe of arctic flows and has lead to a trop based Greenland high. I used to call this an 'internal' wave break as opposed to the 'external' wave break that a strong Himalayan MT can produce. The external wave break sees the strat vortex fall like a pack of cards as the tilting 'wobble' brings down the pack of cards from the top down. However, the 'internal' wave break is more like a stab through the heart of the vortex and may never reach the upper echelons of the strat, so that the split only reaches the mid strat levels. I haven't been able to keep up with the all the latest research as I would like to over the last few years so have never really seen the 'internal' wave breaks as well documented as the traditional SSWs. Any thoughts on this anyone?
  2. Great thread set up here. Hopefully I can get the time to read through later, but it's great to get a dedicated thread for this type of teleconnective technical discussion. So well done on those that have set it up. Can't wait to read all the posts!
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