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  1. some big boy gusts hammering the side of the house here
  2. Lightning strike within 0 miles, loudest thing I've ever heard.
  3. Trying to fly into Newark, currently in Tampa. Flight was supposed to be 5:30 now 7:50
  4. I have to catch a flight to Newark at 5:30 pm,what do you guys think? Delays?
  5. Wow we got a ton of slush out there right now. If that all freezes, could have some major issues ahead...
  6. I'm supposed to be doing a polar plunge on Sunday Morning near Atlantic City Nj. Would anyone recommend against that?
  7. IBM looks to be another big hit around here. Lots of frontend snow to almost 2 inches of ice near the 5 boroughs. Would post but I'm not sure how to link a tweet.
  8. I have a lot of work this week... and they expect me to focus when these maps are rolling out.
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