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  1. Snowing hard here in kenilworth NJ. The radar returns look amazing to our south and west. Like many Mets on here have said for days this is loaded with moisture. I have a feeling the 12z NAM will be correct with these 8 inch totals further north. The coastal tomorrow has to be watched as well.
  2. Right in line with the EPS. General 6-8 across the metro. Solid storm
  3. Nice +PNA spike and the tpv being in the ideal spot ( acting like a 50/50 low) is key here.
  4. Tremendous analysis and great work by so many on this board. This is the forum of all forums. Like Brooklynwx99 said , when the GFS shows a lot of QPF given it isn’t a mesoscale model should raise everyone’s eyebrows. This is the year that it just wants to snow.
  5. Exactly. We couldn’t of asked for a better run today. Storm track is further east and much colder. Going from Cleveland to off AC in 24-36 hours Is quite the trend
  6. Another slow moving storm. Looks like the TPV and high to the north act to slow its forward motion. I’m counting 28 hours of snow on the ECMWF.
  7. Right back into a -AO/-NAO/-EPO pattern. It’s entirely possible after a two week break.
  8. Yup this verbatim is a paralyzing ice storm. Colder than 6z...we aren’t out of the woods.
  9. Good I rather have rain than ice. We’ve had an incredible stretch the last couple of weeks here in the northern mid Atlantic
  10. The EPS still have a -NAO in the long range and now the SE ridge is muted. The EPO is positive but that’s still a cold look for the eastern Conus.
  11. That’s not a bad look at all. Like I said earlier let’s take one storm at a time and see how it evolves.
  12. Take any pattern break down with a grain of salt. La Niña has had absolutely no effect on our weather this year. It may just be a relaxation until the next episode of blocking forms.
  13. Easily! Funny thing is we have countless threats coming up .
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