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  1. So much for the “coming” pattern change . Frustrating to say the least
  2. Huge pattern change. -EPO and -AO could make for a cold and active late January and February. There’s no reason why we can’t salvage the second half of the winter.
  3. I’ll take an amazing pacific and a mediocre Atlantic any day of the week. When the pacific is unfavorable the cold source is shut off along with an unfavorable storm track. -EPO before a -NAO any day of the week and I’ll take my chances
  4. This is a huge change in thoughts going forward. Perhaps we can salvage the second half of the winter.
  5. My point is is the Tuesday 12z run was much more robust with a front end thump for the NYC metro compared to 0Z. Plenty of time for it to correct though as some of the models build higher heights near the Davis Straight
  6. The euro trended towards the gfs as well although not as extreme . We are really going to need the 50/50 at the right time for this one
  7. Hopefully this isn’t the winter where every storm is always 10 days away
  8. You’ve been doing the weather since you were 4 years old? Now that’s impressive and totally dedicated to what you do.
  9. That -EPO becomes so strong it tanks the AO and builds heights into Greenland.
  10. your posts on twitter are spectacular. Hope to see you post here more often
  11. The same thing happened prior to the blizzard of 2016. In a strong El Niño a Kara sea Block was able to tank the AO.
  12. Sleet and snow in port Elizabeth NJ. Like I said earlier this morning the radar will light up like a Christmas tree. Fun day ahead for many !
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