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  1. @Crossbowftw3 I hope you do well !. I am on Long Island now, but my HD Cameras there will definitely stream it for me ! Liberty is about 1,500 FT and my house there actually sits on a hilltop too ! As per my cameras there was a dusting there this morning.
  2. Uncle, I remember than one well, Can you check on 3.29 1974, it Was a Friday and NYC got several inches of snow, I just don't remember the low placement
  3. At least there is a sliver of hope for something wintry to track in our parts
  4. My Sullivan County neighbor, you have another month of potential with winter !
  5. So many times winter is declared over only to surprise us when we least expect it.
  6. I feel the first week of April will offer us a last hoorah for winter. 1982 and 2003 come to mind amongst many other smaller events
  7. @Crossbowftw3I wish, but alas Long Island this Weekend but my dozen HD webcams spread across my property will bring me the action here !
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