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  1. I have to head back to Long Island Monday morning so maybe not a bad thing !
  2. Liberty NY 5 1/2 inches sleet mixing in 21 degrees
  3. Nearing 5 inches OTG in Liberty NY 21.0 degrees
  4. Almost 4 inches in Liberty NY 21.0 and mod/Heavy snow
  5. 3 inches OTG in Liberty NY with Heavy snow falling now
  6. After adjusting snowfall down late afternoon(Left photo) , NWS BGM now thinks warm tongue overdone and upped totals (right photo)
  7. Liberty NY 2.5 inches OTG 21.4 degrees Mod snow
  8. Photo on left at 6:30PM the one on the right at 8:30 That mix/rain in SW PA has not moved an inch
  9. Liberty NY 1.5 inches OTG
  10. Liberty NY (Sullivan County, 1,600FT elevation) Mod snow 1.5 inches on ground 20.7/20
  11. 20.8/ 19DP mod snow in Liberty NY
  12. I don't like that the NWS lowered amounts by both of us. Hopefully that busts. Mod snow now half inch new snow 21.4/18
  13. Right under that burst now in Liberty NY 22.8/18
  14. Hope the HRRR is wrong for the catskills
  15. Light Snow in Liberty NY/ temp 24.4/ DP 19