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  1. As of 12:45AM 15.1 degrees where I am now in Liberty NY
  2. What a temperature range from 45 to 90 in Georgia
  3. Excuse my ignorance, I should really know this but what is PRE?
  4. Is Long Island potentially in the loop on any of the long range models for significant rains and or wind?
  5. Are there any indications that Long Island will be impacted with wind and rain or just too far out at this point?
  6. In Liberty now, are you closer to the action or do we all in Sullivan cash in?
  7. Lynbrook NY 1.7 inches from today's storms. Most impressive combination of rain, thunder and lightning I have seen in years.
  8. Lynbrook Long Island 12 Noon Temp 97.0 Humidity 56 % DewPoint 72
  9. All things considered, this is where I'd like to be now
  10. Lynbrook Long Island 10:45AM Hazy Skies Temp 92.7 Humidity 60% Dewpoint 71
  11. Lynbrook Long Island 2:50PM Temp 99.5 Humidity 53% DewPoint 72
  12. Why do I get the feeling there will be blackouts in some areas today ?
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