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  1. Snowing in Lynbrook ( SW Nassau County on Long Island) UNREAL
  2. Lt Snow with some rain mixed in 36.8 degrees in Lynbrook
  3. A coating on my windshield will erase this horrible winter from my mind
  4. There is SNOW in the air now in Lynbrook ( Nassau County Long Island)
  5. If that band collapses even faster northern boros can see a coating on cars?
  6. Looking at that rapid collapse south and east NYC/LI might see flakes and tie 5.9.77
  7. I just want to see 7 snowflakes on Long Island and I'll be happy
  8. It's not impossible that a slushy coating happens in NYC If this turns out to be a 10.29.11 type event we shall never forget it, I for one would not This picture is from that date in NYC
  9. If that verifies it would be phenomenol and well deserved
  10. May Have to take a drive from Lynbrook Long Island to Liberty NY to witness a rare May snow event Just wish NYC/LI could see snow in the air
  11. I'll be happy just to see a few flakes on Long Island and consider that awesome
  12. Why is May harder? Aren't sst's lower in comparison to late October?
  13. Pea sized hail here in Lynbrook, with a brand new car with 10 miles on it was afraid of ding damage from it. Car withstood it, I think golfball hail would have done damage Not peas sized hail apparently but will take a closer look to see if there is any scratches to the surface
  14. How could Lonnie Quinn just now say latest trace of snow was on May 29th 1995. Isn't it May 9th 1977 for NYC? @donsutherland1 @uncle w
  15. Cept I'm on Long Island, wife would not go upstate with me to ride it out LOL
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