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  1. Lynbrook Long Island 33.6 with no precipation falling currently 1.5 inches of snow OTG Liberty NY 15.8 degrees 4 inches OTG moderate to heavy snow currently
  2. Liberty NY 15.3/10 Mod to heavy snow 2 inches OTG According to radar returns to my southwest, the best is still to come. Figuring on a solid 6 inches here.
  3. I see a general 4-6 inch event with isolated 7 inch amounts in all of Sullivan County. Don't see any sleet or Freezing rain. There will be times when it is ripping snow at 1+ inch an hour A very picturesque day indeed and a healthy 6-8 hour event up here, nobody goes away upset.
  4. That 6.8 inch on the Euro is sitting right over my house. I like
  5. NWS BGM actually went from yesterday's 2-4 to 4-6 today for my area which encompasses Monticello too
  6. Agreed and well stated. Snowing here now in Liberty, had half an inch last night. I think we get another inch by tonight, and given the cold temps, we'll have a slight base to add to by Saturday
  7. Liberty NY 11 :40 PM Moderate snow, 31.8 degrees, coating already
  8. Binghamton NY or Albany NY which locale can do better with this weekend's storm?
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