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  1. Hey guys This snow lover is relocating From Long lsland's Lynbrook and Sullivan County's to Liberty NY Heading back up to Central NY state multiple times in the next 2 weeks in areas surrounding Syracuse I am looking for the sweet spot between LES and N'oreasters based on maximum snow through historical averages and maybe a little elevation thrown in too Can't be a rural hamlet since I need to heat with natural gas and have to have gigabit internet and NO radon areas and great schools These are the areas I am looking at within 10-20 miles of Syracuse in
  2. My thoughts exactly especially here in Liberty NY right where that 13 inch number is and at 1,500 feet in elevation
  3. This has my attention especially here in Liberty NY at 1,500 feet
  4. My wife has her 2nd moderna shot here in Liberty NY tomorrow, hope the roads are ok since we're in the 2-5 inch range
  5. I think we'll have snow into April we easily have 6 weeks of potential snow
  6. Liberty NY 11:10AM 32 degrees 1 inch of new snow OTG and snowing quite moderately; we'll wind up with 3 brand new inches
  7. Closing in on 2 inches Liberty NY, I can't see us reaching the 6 which is progged. Radar not good to our southwest
  8. Liberty NY in Sullivan County 1:40am light snow has commenced 17.9/11
  9. Down to between 18 and 20 inch snow pack here in Liberty NY, hopefully a week from now between 2 storms that can be pushed up to 30+ inches
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