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  1. Curious, what is our greatest November total snowfall?
  2. Looks to me like on the Latest HRRR that the CCB has nudged a tad more southward. Has anyone else noticed that?
  3. Any potential threats in the next 7-10 days?
  4. What are the chances for the backend tomm to give a surprise For NYC/LI?
  5. Drizzle and ice pellets in Lynbrook. Temp Steady at 32 Could heavier echos to my south provide the rates to cool things down again aloft for snow?
  6. Has to be said again; the demeanor and tone of this forum is wonderful and professional. And of course, nothing crashed during today's forum traffic which means the server software for the forum is well managed. Here is to doubling your members very soon !
  7. Here in Lynbrook after 4 inches it tapered down turned to sleet and rain. Now back to snow with radar showing a collapse southward of the rain/snow line on the south shore of LI Very rare that I see a waffling r/s line
  8. It appears rain snow line over se nassau collapsed south in last frame http://www.intellicast.com/National/Radar/Current.aspx?location=USNY0124&animate=true
  9. Can that tongue of mix in se nass cnty be shunted south somehow ?
  10. 2 solid inches in Lynbrook (nass cnty) snowing heavily..as per radar we are good for another inch or two ..Nice considering 12 hours ago I would hace settled for an inch. This is a solid event not a novelty
  11. .5 inch in Lynbrook, side streets snow covered
  12. My backyard in Lynbrook, LI 31.2 DP 29 Loving it, give me 2 solid inches and I'll be very happy
  13. Heavy Snow Lynbrook Long Island , Temp dropping too, sticking already too