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  1. Lynbrook Long Island 2:50PM Temp 99.5 Humidity 53% DewPoint 72
  2. Why do I get the feeling there will be blackouts in some areas today ?
  3. When such an amount of Hail falls, would air temps also fall to unprecedented levels too?
  4. Had small hail in Lynbrook with not too dark skies either
  5. What year had the latest first 90 degree day for KNYC and what was its date?
  6. Don, when was the last year KNYC recorded a below average May?
  7. Curious, are sst at normal or below for this date?
  8. @donsutherland1 Don, last year was amazing rain wise for NYC, where are we as of 5.5 in the rain bucket for KNYC compared to last year at this time? Also, can you extrapolate rain for NYC from 5.5.18 to 5.5.19?
  9. Moderate snow showers in Liberty NY now, maybe up to an inch tomorrow morning with Chicago system moving through
  10. Half an inch of rain already in Liberty NY. Of interest too, could have a slight accumulation of snow between Tomm afternoon and Sunday afternoon
  11. If everything went right could it introduce anything wintry down to the coastal plain?
  12. I can't forget 4.19.83 with a winter storm warning for NYC and a couple of inches of snow
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