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  1. Cept I'm on Long Island, wife would not go upstate with me to ride it out LOL
  2. I'd normally ride this out at my second home in Liberty NY. I would go in a heartbeat, but my wife wouldn't and then she would commit me. So rain for me on Long Island maybe a snowflake if I'm lucky and that's it Hopefully 2020-21 will be better for us snow nuts Stay safe, stay healthy
  3. The way this winter has been and with a trick or two up mother nature's sleeve, we might get a 6 inch plastering the first week of April. it ain't over until it's over Case in point : Winter Storm warning for NYC on April 19th 1983 and NYC had accumulation 12 days before May 1st
  4. Even at My Liberty NY home this winter was mediocre at best. Can't wait to relocate to to further upstate NY. Imagine, picking a location based on annual snow averages, but that is what I'm doing .
  5. I am revisiting this topic. I live in both Nassau County on Long Island and in Liberty NY in Sullivan County. I plan to move now that my wife is retired..at a very young age and only give up the Long Island home. Where in NY state can I be at above 2,000 feet in elevation, enjoy BOTH Noreasters AND Lake effect snows too aka best of both worlds ? Thanks!
  6. Minus 1.6 this morning in Liberty NY at 7:10AM
  7. Liberty NY 1.5 inches of snow OTG snowing moderate to heavily
  8. Liberty NY 11:50PM 29.7 degrees Moderate Snow 1 inch OTG
  9. Liberty NY 29.7 degrees Mod/ Hvy snow half an inch OTG
  10. @Crossbowftw3 @snywx Do you think we can eek out a couple of inches tonight? EDIT WWA up for Sullivan 2-5 inches expected
  11. @Crossbowftw3 in Lynbrook on Long Island until early next week then back in Liberty for a couple of weeks and hopefully some good stuff. In the meatime my 10 Networked outdoor cameras let me see in realtime what I'm missing !
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