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  1. This storm I am concerned about since I have business on Long Island Wednesday afternoon. Should I be good to leave Wednesday morning from Liberty?
  2. 30.0 here now in Liberty NY with a mix inbound shortly, downstate at my Lynbrook Long Island house it is 48.7 degrees, wow
  3. Which storm Steve, this weekends? Does it bode well for the Catskills where I am now primarily?
  4. Just a few flurries here now in Liberty NY, this one is not ours. Good luck South and East !
  5. Love this radar, how do I access it? Tried accuweather.com on my pc but it isn't this. Thanks !
  6. Liberty NY 30.2 steady light snow (occasionally moderate) All surfaces covered
  7. Heaviest return at the current moment over Sullivan County
  8. Light to moderate snow , sticking to surfaces now in Liberty NY Temp down to 32.4
  9. 34.9 Liberty NY 51.8 Lynbrook, NY (Long Island) Via my Acurite weather stations
  10. Somebody explain which model he is using which shows in addition to Long Island the best chance of 3 inches in the catkills, I don't get it.
  11. NWS BGM still calling for up to 2 inches in liberty, I'll take a coating, they all can't be 6-12 + here I'll be watching my Lynbrook cams, but not making a trip to LI to be in it !
  12. How much did you get from that 2010 storm? I am not even sure what Liberty got I was not there but I do know it was less than Middletown's phenemenol total. Also I remember a roof gave in at a complex in Middletown , am I correct?
  13. I was in Lynbrook for that, 2 feet plus Liberty NY snow cam by my house....nada not even a dusting
  14. BGM NWS comparison from 4 AM this morning to 4 PM this afternoon
  15. I'll take my 1 inch in Liberty NY and be happy, 2 inches I'll consider a win. Have months left of winter weather
  16. My least favorite weather prognostication of the winter is when you hear " When the sun sets, the snow will begin to stick"
  17. I think Narrowsburg, Liberty and Middletown are good for a 1-3 or 2-4 like NWS BGM is alluding to
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