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  1. Snowing moderately again into the Harrisburg PA area after a break earlier. Lighter snow coming down further to the SW near the MD border.
  2. And just like that we have gone from 10 miles to a half a mile.
  3. The snow shield is just west of Allentown now. Once it arrives it comes in like a wall and starts ripping as others have described.
  4. Moderate snow now under that band in eastern PA. 32* with a coating on the ground.
  5. Very Light snow here. I am looking for a coating to a half inch or so.
  6. Snowing not far west of Allentown and Near the western Philly suburbs.
  7. Ant - Did you check the other 06z model runs? Much different story.
  8. Moderate snow with the ground now coated. 30*
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