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  1. We are underway with the backside of this storm. Moderate snow 1/2 mile visibility 33*
  2. 7” storm total so far Bethlehem, PA
  3. Heavy snow - 1/8” visibility- 5” snow total- 2” in the past hour. Bethlehem, PA
  4. 1” new snow Bethlehem, PA
  5. It’s coming in like a wall here - like a snow squall.
  6. Strongly agree. Folks up to the north and northwest should make sure their generators are ready to go and have plenty of fuel for them.
  7. 18z Icon has 4-8” across the area for Friday.
  8. I am having my first snow shower of the season here this morning.
  9. I was actually just watching the progression of the squall as it is coming into the Hazleton area. It is actually quite impressive as it moves in. I was watching it on the Penndot camera at I 81 and route 93 so it is coming towards the Poconos now.