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  1. Getting a nice burst of snow under those heavier echoes.
  2. Look at the precip type maps on the 18z NAM. The model is depicting snow and sleet going back from one form to the other and back again. I am seeing that on the dual-pol Doppler right now in my area of eastern PA.
  3. We had light sleet for a time and have now gone back to light snow.
  4. Snowing moderately again into the Harrisburg PA area after a break earlier. Lighter snow coming down further to the SW near the MD border.
  5. And just like that we have gone from 10 miles to a half a mile.
  6. The snow shield is just west of Allentown now. Once it arrives it comes in like a wall and starts ripping as others have described.
  7. Moderate snow now under that band in eastern PA. 32* with a coating on the ground.
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