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  1. Ukmet has been showing that outcome for a few runs now. If it actually happens it’s a win for that model.
  2. Don’t forget that these figures include sleet and ice totals which have ratios no where near 10:1 especially near the metro area. These maps can be very misleading for that reason. This is why people will look out their window Tuesday morning and think to them self “Oh well.”
  3. Moderate to heavy snow- storm total 6.2”. 33/32
  4. Heavy snow continues here in Bethlehem Twp. PA - 4.2” storm total. 33/32.
  5. Used to work in Manhattan about 12 years ago. Back then you could walk from 9th Ave in midtown to 7th Ave and back and go from snow to rain and back to snow. Nowadays with the development on the West Side the whole area would probably be just rain. There are some interesting micro climates in Manhattan.
  6. Heavy wet snow here in Bethlehem Twp. PA. Event total- 2.5” so far. Snow is sticking to all surfaces and building up quickly. With calm winds and snow build up on trees and power lines there is the definite risk of power outages.
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