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  1. the time frame still looking very interesting for something big. CMC juicing it up
  2. Yeah i made this last night and i did not feel like changing the whole thing this morning ahah. but i was sying for the whole area in general not just western parts. but PA (5-6)pm, NJ (6-7)pm, NYC and east (7-9pm)
  3. Sunny no...snow will not start until nightime (8-10pm) for whole area. Precip could start out mix with some areas south but then quickly switch over after cooling begins.
  4. This storm is just a solid ball of convection. Looking healthy, deff going to explode near SNE.
  5. Such a large area of low pressure, precip field is big on that
  6. Snowmap for tomorrow lets see how it pans out...
  7. 0z and 12z go to 36 hr. others just go to 18hr.
  8. HRRR juicing up Tuesday morning pretty good. It is extended range but can show what could happen with all this moisture. Also snow!
  9. anyone know a website or data source where I can find what days in 2018 has had precipitation rain or snow? not amount of days but actually what days specifically. thanks.
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