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  1. I’ll be studying in Oswego during the snowiest months, so any amount there is much better than here! Average of 140” vs 35”.
  2. 1.14” total. Not much besides that heavy rain. Had the emergency activation noise for the Flash Flood Warning here. Pretty cool.
  3. 0.25” rain in 5 minutes. Which means 3”/hr.
  4. Insane rain rates. Was running to my car for not even three seconds and I’m soaked.
  5. I'm right on the boundary. 77 with hazy sun currently. Also pretty breezy.
  6. The HRRRRRRRR and the NAM need to resolve their time differences. I hope it comes earlier rather than later.
  7. Everyone always says that. Last year we went right to summer and this year is what spring is actually supposed to be. Few above average, few below. Abundant rain is normal.
  8. I hit 78 to my surprise given cloud cover. Car thermometer hit 84.
  9. Cold and rainy day earlier in Oswego. Missed the 70s.
  10. Sometimes I look for these posts just to sober up from some of these model discussions. Thanks Don
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