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  1. Luckily my power won’t be affected because my lines are underground Wouldn’t be at all surprised if some schools end up closing tomorrow too.
  2. I’ve got 1/4” of ice. Radar really filling in for in some spots too.
  3. Been sleeting for a while now. 1.6”
  4. Just came in from shoveling... finally a snow that’s light and fluffy. Been waiting for it all season. I think that’s a win right there
  5. Finally moderately snowing, coating on everything.
  6. Enjoying my snow hole in Northern Hunterdon right now.
  7. 24/14. 65% rh not that incredibly bad to start
  8. Speaking of that CNJ band with someone getting a jackpot... if it setups more south, the ratios could eat up that accumulation, making it about even with other parts of the region. If it’s more north, someone could get slammed.
  9. I do think the new NAM could be correct in regards to totals in NNJ if there wasn’t that dry air in place. That would cut off probably around 1-2hrs if possible accumulations. But when it comes down, it’ll come down hard.
  10. Winter Storm Watches allow them to downgrade to WWA.
  11. Look at the isobars. The center is in reality near Block Island. Not much different, but it helps.