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  1. Yeah, storms look pretty decent for you guys considering some lacking elements. It’s 70° on my drive right now getting closer to Syracuse!
  2. I ended up with 1.46” of rain during that mess. I wish the best for you all tomorrow night; I’ll be testing impossible luck in Oswego!
  3. Seems like there might be some weak rotation in the Whitehouse and Bedminster area.
  4. As I say that it turns severe. Hail showing up on the hydrometeor just north of me.
  5. Pretty good storm coming through Lebanon. Not severe, but leaves flying, torrential rain, and probably 40 mph winds.
  6. Speaking of long term forecasts that are more likely to be wrong, I figured I’d throw this image in here just for fun.
  7. A note about the farmers almanac: Wet and wild doesn’t necessarily mean not snowy. Snow is wet, isn’t it? And wild could mean a lot of things.
  8. Well I’m no fan of long range CFS, but it’s saying we could get a few “cold” shots until the middle of September. Several runs in a row now, too. 850 temps 0-6°C.
  9. Off topic, but... I had a dream last night that I was looking at a model that showed a giant snowstorm that was going to hit us and all the way down to Georgia. The date was Aug 19. Then I dreamt that everyone on this forum was going crazy for it. I guess I was impacted too much by the winter forecasts in July.
  10. Personally I think this could be a decent tornado event. Jersey Tornado Alley could continue. The crossovers and soundings on the NAM look good even with the lack of CAPE.
  11. Somerset County NJ 4H Fair closed 3 hours early at 7 because the whole place was like a lake. At home here in Lebanon, 3.5” rain so far.
  12. Only 1.59” total in the past 24 here at home in Lebanon. Glad I happened to be where I was.
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