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  1. I hit 78 to my surprise given cloud cover. Car thermometer hit 84.
  2. Cold and rainy day earlier in Oswego. Missed the 70s.
  3. Sometimes I look for these posts just to sober up from some of these model discussions. Thanks Don
  4. As storms rolled through here, I picked up 0.93” of rain. No hail but it sounded like it.
  5. But this doesn't necessarily mean cold and snow. Since they are anomalies, you have to look at March average to get the real heights. Although it may be a decent trough, it's rather flat. So it may not be cold enough or amplified enough to get a good storm.
  6. November: 8.3” December: NONE January: 4.35” February: 4.45” March (to date): 11.1” Total: 28.2”
  7. Beautiful sky, beautiful snow, beautiful morning.
  8. I live about a half mile from 78, and normally all I hear is white noise. But now all I hear is white stuff hitting the ground. So serene, no traffic on the roads, one of my favorite part of snowstorms.
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