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  1. Doesn't the MJO generally determine the teleconnections like the EPO/PNA and even AO/NAO? Or are they separate entities that move independently?
  2. I can’t wait to start seeing more people posting. This is my favorite season coming up and you can just see the enthusiasm and dedication from everyone.
  3. Oswego made it to 34.3°. If that north wind wasn’t there before midnight we would have made it below 30.
  4. HRRR notably overdone with temperatures at least along the lake in Oswego. It's gonna be a chilly one tonight. Meanwhile, here was tonight's Oswego sunset...
  5. Could someone send a link for a general website to retrieve analogs? I'd like to play around with it to see how things compare. Thanks.
  6. A few of my pictures from an impressive storm earlier in Oswego. Came with marble size hail.
  7. It’s already starting in Oswego It’s been in the 60s and the occasional 70 for the last month.
  8. Not sure I’ve ever seen just an X with a circle area of development like that. That’s odd.
  9. I’d say it’s probably better to get the warmth out of the way sooner rather than later. We don’t want it for winter.
  10. Not really a sharp turn, but looking at radar it’s going more NE now.
  11. The eye is definitely coming back with that Gulf Stream water.
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