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  1. Light shower of snow and graupel in Ramsey, NW Bergen Co
  2. Just got back from the Farmer's Market here in Ramsey NJ. It's nasty out. 40˚ and raining with an occasional sleet pellet. Snow pack still around 6 inches.
  3. Ramsey, NW Bergen Co getting light rain/snow mix, which appears to be mostly wet snow. Melting on most surfaces, though I see a coating on the coldest section of the driveway.
  4. Getting a light snow shower in Ramsey, NW Bergen Co. Flakes are falling very fast, looks like a wet/melty snow.
  5. Changed over to light rain here in Ramsey for about 45 minutes. Some flakes started mixing back in, and now back to steady snow with huge flakes
  6. 3" on the board in Ramsey NJ, NW Bergen Co as of 1:40PM. Still coming down heavy. Considering it began snowing at around 11:30, rates have been impressive to say the least!
  7. Wow, the coastal is shaping up to give a nice 2-5" accumulation to Northern NJ, LHV, and SE New England. Hope the GFS is right!!
  8. Ramsey NJ, NW Bergen Co Update: From about 10:40-11:10 we were getting a steady light-mod snow with very fine flakes. Started to see some HUGE flakes mixing in. Then all of a sudden the snow became heave with quite a few massive flakes, like snowballs falling from the sky. 1.9" as of 11:15 0.7" in the last 35 minutes
  9. Started with some flurries about 25 minutes ago in Ramsey NJ, NW Bergen Co. Now legit mod-heavy snow with beautiful big flakes. That was fast!!
  10. Possibly the biggest icicles I’ve ever seen here in Ramsey
  11. The band that just passed through Northern NJ and is now falling apart unfortunately gave me more rain than I had hoped here in Ramsey. Still added a bit of snow, now at 1.75" for this little storm. Still flurrying, and it's beautiful out there.
  12. And here in Ramsey, just a bit to your west, I measured 1.5" from this morning's snowfall. Precip just started here again, but is currently in the form of rain with the occasional wet flake mixed in.
  13. Did somebody order a kucini? Get em while they're hot!
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