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  1. Still planning on going to phase 8? And what impact would that have
  2. If anything, these model runs show the pattern isn't dead, right?
  3. MichaelGnafakis

    Snow/Sleet/ZR/Kitchen Sink 2/10-2/12 Event

    Some models were west of this position?
  4. MichaelGnafakis

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    What does this mean exactly?
  5. MichaelGnafakis

    [Eastern US] 1/29 - 1/30 Snow Event + Squall Line

    Any updates on the potential snow showers in the mid atlantic region around Friday? I've been hearing about that potential for a few days here
  6. Do you think this south east trend will continue on the other models. Seems like this more progressive energy will lead to colder conditions for NYC? Seems like NYC has the hardest forecast
  7. Does NYC change to freezing rain per this run, or does it go straight to rain and then some snow on backside?
  8. MichaelGnafakis