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  1. Regarding the severe weather season, does this board actually avidly track severe weather systems like we do for snow and hurricanes?
  2. Just about 21 inches in Bayside, queens. Only need about 5 more inches to reach 30 year average
  3. The average there is only 25.1 inches. Only 4.6 inches needed to meet average
  4. Just about 7.1 inches in Bayside, queens, taking compaction and hourly totals into account. It's over here. Time to sleep
  5. That heavy amount heading to NYC or dissipating upon arrival?
  6. I'm surprised this basically shows the snow would end by 7 am here in NYC. I thought it would end earlier?
  7. I wonder if this storm continues to track west and then NYC has plenty of mix problems
  8. 1.5 inches on the ground in Bayside, queens. Puking snow. Definitely over an inch an hour rates right now. Heaviest I've seen it fall since March last year
  9. So what are we thinking about the next euro run for Monday? Do we think the pna is in right position?
  10. Still planning on going to phase 8? And what impact would that have
  11. If anything, these model runs show the pattern isn't dead, right?
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