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  1. In for the challenge $1/inch...located in N. Babylon, Suffolk County
  2. We will have a vaccine before he lifts restrictions. Absurd
  3. I agree with your point and to achieve prosperity again we will need a cure/vaccine. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. Disagree with the premise. Yes, solving the virus via a cure/vaccine is the ultimate goal and the best possible outcome. But we need prepare and adjust in case that does not occur. As somber as it may sound, we need to learn to live with the possibility that the virus will be part of lives for the forseeable future and adjust our routines accordingly.
  5. Totally agree. Furthermore l do believe the SK comparison is a bit unfair. Yes, we all know the administration was MIA from mid Feb to Mid March and Trump messaging has been awful. However, SK does not have the volume of international travel that NYC has(track the spread) Also, there society has experienced outbreaks before and the citizens were more willing to accept the agressive/intrusive measures the government implemented. Like cell phone data tracking, credit card transactions, releasing license plate numbers of infected people. These practices would have certainly received pushback
  6. Mayor had to already clarify the message due the panic it caused.
  7. Could not agree more. I have processed tons of PPP applications for businesses that are dying to open and start generating revenue. 8 weeks are going to be up and the employees kept on are just going to be let go.
  8. NJ: Just curious- are you not very confident you had the virus? If confirmed, would you feel the same way? My wife is going to schedule the antibody test. We had very mild symptoms that could be Covid. Not at all what you experienced.
  9. Not that simple. Keeping things closed much longer in our area unsustainable. Whether it is the right decision or not.
  10. Amazing how little attention this gets. What China did is sickening. Yes, Trump and our response /preparedness has been poor at best. But what they did was deliberate and intentional.
  11. Completely agree. We need to stop with this argument that it is all or nothing(completely open or stay locked down). We need to be careful and measured but understanding that eliminating all risk is not practical. Kids need to be able to get out and be active/social.
  12. Believe it when I see it. As a parent of two boys- 14 & 10, I would not be in be in favor of remote learning. All for technology and safety but kids need interaction(teachers, other kids). I think it easy to forget the toll this is having on kids.
  13. I appreciate your knowledge and all your posts. And agree that we have done a poor job with testing, communication, transparency, etc...but using countries like New Zealand as an analogy to the US is impractical.
  14. I agree. We need a measured approach to reopening. And both sides should be heard. Unfortunately they are not. You cannot dismiss people who need/or want to get back to work to survive and support their family. Not justifying the protests and other reckless behavior but there needs to be a balance.
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