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  1. I live in my own personal snow-hole (the irony is not lost on me) but the official count from yesterday was 1.5 inches. I've just sent in my donation!
  2. Some sleet falling now in western Nassau. I can hear it pinging against the windows.
  3. Might need to revise my thinking downward. Alas. Even so, I'll still give something to the cause.
  4. For me, the Saturday storm was a better experience. That said, I'm glad others could enjoy a full-on snow storm.
  5. Well, that would explain my observations. It's snowing --ish-- but barely accumulating.
  6. Correction: It's sticking on the sidewalks and driveways, too, in western Nassau.
  7. Starting to stick to cars and grassy surfaces in western Nassau.
  8. The NYC public schools are closed next week for Presidents' Week/mid-winter vacation. The commute will still be a problem.
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