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  1. Beautiful up here at Windham Mountain.
  2. I drove upstate today to Windham Mountain. Didn't see any snow until we got onto the Mountain itself. Everything was just dead and bare. But at least the kids and I might get to see some snow tomorrow.
  3. Are we surprised? Reading comprehension is not high on their list of skills. The 20th Amendment says nothing about when to administer the oath; it only says when the previous presidency lapses. Alas.
  4. I'm a bit concerned about this. They believed in "The Plan" -- and it didn't come to fruition. They either wake up and realize the lies they've been fed OR they line up to get served some more. This is a recipe for possibly more violence; maybe not now, but certainly heading into ANY upcoming election. It kind of reminds of Harold Camping, the now-deceased Televangelist, who proclaimed the end of the world was nigh. When the date came and went, he had to alter his "analysis" -- and people still stuck with him.
  5. Big fluffy flakes falling gently from the sky. Looks a bit like a snow globe here in western Nassau.
  6. PSA for those living/working in NYC, who qualify under the guidelines, and are trying to get a COVID vaccine for themselves or an eligible loved one: Go to https://covid19.nychealthandhospitals.org/UnaffiliatedHea... at 12:00 a.m. SHARP. The appointments refresh and repopulate at that time for a specific date. This morning's date was Feb 2. I'm assuming tomorrow's will be Feb 3. Good luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor!
  7. Couldn't be happening to a "nicer" guy. Maybe he'll understand what many have known since 2015? https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/trump-wont-pay-rudy-giuliani-election-legal-work-032513094.html
  8. This is actually sick. Sounds more like he's setting up Trump's Tindr account.
  9. The problem is that half the theater is now confusing the popcorn machine for a blazing inferno-- and will not disabused of their error.
  10. In some cases, it's impossible to tell the difference. There are those condoning what happened on Weds -- and even trying to plan for further action. What Twitter and FB are doing is kind of like closing the barn doors after the cows have gone. And I hope Twitter is "punished" for its role in what happened, but for people to take glee in it -- like Twitter's comeuppance is more important than the president's malfeasance -- is actually sad and disgusting.
  11. They've been fed a steady diet of BS for so long, it's not very surprising
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