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  1. For me, the Saturday storm was a better experience. That said, I'm glad others could enjoy a full-on snow storm.
  2. Well, that would explain my observations. It's snowing --ish-- but barely accumulating.
  3. Correction: It's sticking on the sidewalks and driveways, too, in western Nassau.
  4. Starting to stick to cars and grassy surfaces in western Nassau.
  5. The NYC public schools are closed next week for Presidents' Week/mid-winter vacation. The commute will still be a problem.
  6. Maybe not in terms of what the atmosphere looks like, but there is a similarity in terms of the "it's coming; just wait 10 days" prognostications. Of course, the statement above only refers to us coasties. I think the winter of 11-12 was terrible, snow-wise, for a lot more people.
  7. Here's one consolation, I think: After a bad winter in the new 2000s, the next one tends to be pretty good. I know this winter isn't over; I'm just mentioning a possible silver lining if it, for all intents and purposes, actually were.
  8. I wouldn't attach too much importance to the lack of activity today. For many, it's the last day of a long weekend and they're out enjoying the day with family -- or just sleeping in. Very shortly I shall be conscripted into the Entertain the Children Brigade.
  9. I would hope no one would see any of the LR forecasts as "promises". One can have everything lined up perfectly and still not get what he/she wants. The winter's not over, technically speaking. Maybe the next 15 days will surprise us?
  10. If that means a nice whopper of a storm for even us coasties -- I'm cool with that.
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