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  1. Carolinas and Georgia also got upgraded to a Day 2 moderate.
  2. It's absolutely beautiful out. Walked around the Watchung Reservation for a little.
  3. And then we had a very snowy March.
  4. All is good! Its been an epic February. I had trouble with getting logged back in. I forgot password and then when I tried to reset it, I'd get the message about daily views. Thankfully I finally got past that and was able to reset it. Nice to be on here again.
  5. They avoided arbitration, where he likely would have hit record numbers. He could have easily demanded around $40M+ AAV as a free agent and they also avoided any potential bad blood from arbitration hearings. The years and money sound insane, but they're probably saving a lot of money in the long run IMO.
  6. This radar is giving me 2/6/10 PTSD. Nothing in Sparta so far.
  7. Wright's a good comp. Both were HOF caliber players when on the field, but had trouble staying on it especially later in their careers. If they had normal decline phases (say a few 2-3 WAR seasons and they pad their counting stats), they probably make it. Pedroia has a very good argument for being the greatest 2nd baseman in franchise history. I think he falls short of the HOF, but I do think he deserves to have his number retired. Hard to imagine the Mets won't retire #5 either.
  8. 28" reported in Sparta. Still ripping. Amazing
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