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  1. May 15, 2018? https://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/archive/event.php?date=20180515
  2. evan

    2019 Mets

    Barring injuries the Mets rotation will be fine, if not very good.
  3. evan

    2019 Mets

    I'm glad the Sox let him walk even with the bullpen looking iffy. Kimbrel was pretty shaky in 2016 and 2018 (especially the 2nd half) and the price tag is just way too much for a reliever.
  4. Cessa doesn't miss enough bats to be a starter and he doesn't have the command that Loaisiga does. German had his struggles last year, but he showed considerable upside with a high strikeout rate. just needs to establish a 3rd pitch.
  5. Rays should be pretty good, but I don't think they're going to have the lineup to keep up. They project to score 4.29 R/G whereas the Sox and Yanks project for over 5 R/G per Steamer. All 3 teams project to allow around 4.05-4.20 R/G. Steamer has the Yanks as a 3 win favorite for the division right now. Jays are a non-factor (though I'm really excited for Vlad Jr.) and the Orioles will be lucky to avoid 100 losses. projections are always conservative (you're not going to see many teams ever projected for 100+ wins/losses), so 98 wins is a lot all things considered.
  6. evan

    2018 MLB thread

    there's no guarantee with prospects, but it definitely helps to have more top prospects than not to. And as I said, they can use those prospects in packages for established major leaguers. Padres are widely considered to have the #1 farm system right now.
  7. evan

    2018 MLB thread

    Padres probably aren't going anywhere in 2019, but there's a lot of talent that's up or about to come up (Tatis Jr., Urias, Logan Allen, Mejia, MacKenzie Gore, Chris Paddack to name a few) and plenty of other talent they can use in trades.
  8. evan

    2018 MLB thread

    Harper signs with Philly. 13/$350M, no opt outs and no trade clause
  9. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2019-zips-projections-new-york-yankees/ the only position that might be an issue is 1st base and maybe the back of the rotation, but there are few MLB teams with reliable #5 starters and I'd take Sabathia over most teams #4's. I think the Yanks made out very well with the Hicks extension. Even with all the time he's missed the last 2 seasons, he's 12th among all outfielders in WAR. He gets on base and hits for power. I'd say they've got a good shot at 97 wins.
  10. evan

    2018 MLB thread

    Going to PNC Park in July!
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