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  1. can i get these composite link if have?
  2. Still no revalsal wind at 100 mb... is that due to non-PJO ?
  3. How can I get 500 hpa and 850 hpa 40 day average anomalies?
  4. According to geos5 still no ssw right ?
  5. will it be coupling or not? I like to see ideas...
  6. Similiar question as like me from @gokartmozart ;
  7. Can SSW have chance like that?(Keep on mind possible Atlantic block which i posted before)
  8. Daimon


  9. https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/precip/CWlink/blocking/real_time_nh/mrf3.nh.shtml
  10. According to strong Atlantic block 25th dec , can we say 10 day before SSW displacement ?
  11. How can I get Vertical wave activity flux (WAF) anomalies at 100 hPa forecast?
  12. Can I get any article about deep stratospheric warming DSW ?