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  1. leo1000

    Stratospheric Discussion and Forecasting

    How long does a major SSW?. I heard 3-4 weeks or so.
  2. Talking about the -NAO looks like the GEFS shows a east based -NAO block developing in the long range.
  3. This seems concerning showing a bad pacific. That AK Trough is showing up now on the GEFS before it was just showing up on the EPS.
  4. The GEFS 18z continues the theme of past runs the blue ball is completely destroyed
  5. leo1000

    Teleconnections: A More Technical Discussion

    This doesn't look so good at all. Look at that positive EPO, More of a negative PNA as well, WPO way up as well and a positive NAO.
  6. Good news for sure looks like the MJO is going in the COD (Circle of Death). Which means it won't be forcing this pattern that the weeklies try to say will happen in weeks 3-6.