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  1. It seems like the identity of this winter has been to not go into any consistency. When the EPO was consistently negative last week we knew it would stay like that for awhile. All the teleconnections seems to be moving all over the place.
  2. What is your opinion on the latest EPS?. Seems to show a warmer pattern developing and wants nothing to do with eastern US cold?,
  3. Judah Cohen looks ready to pull the plug on winter. The polar cap heights (PCHs) plot suggestive of troposphere-stratosphere-troposphere strong #PolarVortex (PV) coupling event with tropospheric precursor this week & strong PV next week. If cycle is completed with #cold PCHs at the surface late Jan/early Feb put a fork in #winter! 26 replies5 retweets43 likes Reply 26 Retweet 5 Like 43
  4. Hopefully they turn out to be big snowmakers. As the long range afterwards looks like a complete nightmare for snow and cold lovers.
  5. Ok and we know that MJO is very hard to predict. I would be very careful in closing the month down. Plus we got some wave 2 attacks on the PV.
  6. Hopefully it goes right to MJO Phase 8 and skips those warm phases its advertising currently.
  7. The latest 12z GEFS showing it getting colder Jan 8-9th onward.
  8. Not sure heard the MJO though was moving in the warmer phases?. EPO is still positive?. Not sure.
  9. Take a look at this as well. EPS predicting Siberian warming in the 15 day forecast. All credit to Meteorologist Michael Ventrice.
  10. The big question is will we have a white Christmas?. Getting a lot of mixed signals.
  11. Exactly they do look muted indeed. The GEFS gets support from the GFS but as well as the CFS weekly.
  12. How has the GEFS moved to supporting the EPS forecast?. There is nothing warm about the GEFS through the entire period.
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