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  1. Hmm what does everyone make of the delayed mild pattern across the Eastern US and Southeastern Canada?. Yesterday this same time period was showing a very mild pattern.
  2. I just hope the Atlantic can trump the Pacific here in the long range. A lot of our better patterns though came from a good Pacific not a good Atlantic. Thanks for the new MJO PB GFI.
  3. Speaking about the MJO its looks like its currently being modeled to zip past the warm phrases.
  4. leo1000


  5. I am very worried about guidance showing the MJO going into phase 5. Even though were getting a negative EPO the ridge WAR is coming up the east coast thanks to the MJO.
  6. But will it bring snow and cold for the Eastern US, Southern and Eastern Canada?.
  7. Simon Lee‏ @SimonLeeWx FollowFollow @SimonLeeWx More But what you don't see is the persistence of any easterlies in the polar lower stratosphere. That's not the best sign if downward coupling is your thing. 3:21 PM - 28 Dec 2018
  8. Anthony Masiello‏ @antmasiello 2h2 hours ago More Stratosphere: propensity for wave-3 appearance this year in height field while the upper levels see a squeeze from both the Atlantic and Pacific...not exactly classic resonating. Unusual structure ahead. Is this good news or bad news for snow/cold?.
  9. Judah Cohen‏ @judah47 3h3 hours ago More Confidence is growing in a #PolarVortex split next week showing up in the 6-10 and 11-15 day ensemble GFS forecasts. It is even clearly seen in CFS January forecast.
  10. How long does a major SSW?. I heard 3-4 weeks or so.
  11. Talking about the -NAO looks like the GEFS shows a east based -NAO block developing in the long range.
  12. This seems concerning showing a bad pacific. That AK Trough is showing up now on the GEFS before it was just showing up on the EPS.
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