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  1. Looking good for all snow in Philly. Finally...only took until March this winter!
  2. Philly is going to live up to the name of this web site in this storm, isn't it?
  3. It was roughly 25 years ago when hilly saw a great ice storm. Wondering if this will turn into another one?
  4. So will Flo go into NC then NC. Or will it hug NC and then deep down into Georgia?
  5. I didn't expect to come back to this site until winter has sent in. But Flo has changed that. So is it true that the worst case scenario for the Philly region be a slow moving inland hurricane that moves in the the west and the north of the Delaware Bay?
  6. You beat me to it. Know something is up when the NWS has upped the ante.
  7. Snow has started in center city, Philadelphia.
  8. Mainly from the projected temperature and the sun angle being late March. So work with me. What am I doing wrong here.
  9. Follow up stupid question - why is PVA important?
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