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  1. You know it's a horrific winter when the Threat thread becomes the banter thread!
  2. That was not a sh** pattern. That was a very warm winter cause of a super Nino, but we actually had a good pattern(west based -NAO) for a bout a 10 day period and scored during that favorable pattern. We've seen no such looks this winter at all.
  3. Gotta be the blizzard of 1996!! Basically 30 hours of powder falling out of the sky with temps in the teens(20)!! Philly ended up with 30" of precious powder. How do you top that??
  4. The storm in 1996 was much colder than this one would be and that pattern prior to the blizzard of 1996 was a much colder pattern over all! Temps were in the teens for most of that storm. Probably not a great storm to compare this to. Gotta have the cold or our snow chances will fold.
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