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  1. I like the 59 at the end there! Eff the 90's in early May. That sucks! Thanks!
  2. The cold of the MJO this late in the year are 2 and 3, so that sounds like the MJO won't be a big player in any cool down after next week's warmup.
  3. That guy would forecast wintry weather in the middle of July!
  4. Why would anyone want 95 degrees with 75 dews all summer? That is as disgusting as 35 degrees and rain. Actually, it's worse!
  5. Closing in on half a foot here in West Chester(west of Philly) with snowfall rates of 1-2" per hour after it mixed with sleet for a bit.
  6. The hint that this model has it's head up it's ass is that it has more snow out in south central PA than SE PA. Sorry folks, that doesn't make sense.
  7. I thought thet weeklies were pretty much worthless beyond week 3?
  8. If only we had these favorable model trends 48 hours from now!! Now that would be exciting!!!
  9. I dunno, I always thought it was worse to get shutout in December. The old saying goes "what happens in December the winter remembers". Just look at the winter of 2009/10 as an example. Pretty much shutout here in the Philly area for the month of January(after a good December storm) and then all hell broke loose in February.
  10. The only thing I remember about 2001 was the early March Bolaris blizzard that failed miserably here in the western burbs of Philly. 20-25" forecasted the day before and we ended up with a slushy inch. John Bolaris hyped that to the hilt and never lived it down! They actually made shirts saying "I survived the Bolaris blizzard"!
  11. I'm not sure why people think next week's system can't be a cutter? I mean, just look at all that energy diving into the SW U.S. Whenever you see that it's just about automatic that the SE ridge is going to flex it muscles especially in a La Nina winter with a developing -PNA.
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