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  1. Their forecast discussion hints at a lack of certainty on precip types and rapidity in which the transition occurs at this juncture given trends from past events this winter. They emphasize it will be potentially impactful but the magnitude is tbd.
  2. The gfs has been flopping around with the NAO positioning, this run was more east based thumb ridge vs closed cell west based. Consistent look right now is while a 50/50 (close to it) was trapped in place, it's not extending its influence far enough west so gfs lacks confluent flow where we need it in E Canada. the PV is too far west at that point to compress heights. consistent look for now is ridging up the EC in advance of that system thus a warmer look. epo perking up nicely to set the stage down the road.
  3. Watching run to run op changes is hazardous to your health. Looks purty tho
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