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  1. It rose up to 34 degrees for a while, but we're back down to 32 now with a freezing drizzle.
  2. Freezing rain ended, changed over to rain. Light glaze on snow, no glaze on asphalt.
  3. Lightly raining, 32 degrees. 2.5 inches otg. Edit: Just looked at radar and it shows snow. From my window it looks like rain, though. Maybe tiny tiny flakes? I don't know .
  4. Looks like the last good band of the morning is going to be moving through here.
  5. About 1.5 inches otg. I need to get to 2 inches in order to hit double digits for the season.
  6. Looks like a really heavy band of snow is working through Philadelphia right now. Fingers crossed that it makes it across the river & into NJ.
  7. About 1/3 of an inch on the ground. Moderate/heavy snow, 27 degrees.
  8. Light/moderate snow has begun. Tiny flakes. 30 degrees.
  9. Hello, I had a question: What is self-verification, and how does it help in forecasting?