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  1. And to think the end of this week could feature severe weather in those same areas....
  2. Snow has stopped, finally. Light rain/Sleet currently; Temp: 33. Decent sized snow-pack on the ground; Worried the rain/Sleet will compact and freeze overnight as a inch of snow did stick on the streets. Radar shows the Mix zone is pulling away to the NW, still slowly. Maybe a chance it moves back south later this evening as the storm departs to the south. Ended up with just over 5 inches of snow, but could of been higher as i measured the snow-pack as it was raining.
  3. Its been snowing steady for the last 6-7 hours now. Changeover was expected over a hour ago... New heavy burst of snow just came through.... This storm has a mind of its own. Pushing past 5 inches at this rate. Big bust for my area as last night Franklin was expected less than a inch...
  4. Thanks Allsnow. Great tease for this winter; Hopeful this is not the last snow of the season!
  5. Just went outside and took some measurements, 4 in total; averaged out to around 4 inches of snow. Still puking out big snowflakes, and we have already exceeded Wakefield's prediction of 1-2 inches. Great storm for Early December after getting shafted last December.
  6. Snow is starting to stick to the roads now; Moderate-Heavy band moving through with Big flakes of snow. My PWS shows temps have dropped to 31 degrees, and radar shows the Rain/snow line is about 10 or so miles to my SE and not moving very much. Guessing about 2 inches of snow on the ground so far; Over-performing.
  7. Snowing here in Franklin Va with big flakes starting to mix in. NWS Wakefield expects the change-over to begin around 12pm. Temp: 33 degrees and holding steady.
  8. Lostboy63