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  1. Mix of rain and snow now and should completely changeover soon. If only if it were colder.
  2. Bergen County has been a bit slow to get into the heavier rates in each of the last 3 storms. 22*F, Light Snow, a nice coating on the ground now.
  3. About 8” in Haworth NJ as of 3 pm. Definitely winding down now.
  4. Seems like another band is coming straight into the City and NE NJ afterwards.
  5. Near 21" now in Bergen County. Precip still going strong.
  6. 9" in Bergen County so far. Can't wait for that band in LI to move NW.
  7. First Flakes in Bergen County. Virga was quite impressive lol
  8. This entire scenario of a potential snowstorm in a warm and unstable pattern reminds me of Feb 2018. I remember it being in the 60’s and the following day, I got around 8 inches of snow in extremely marginal temps.
  9. They're probably following News12 and thinking it will just become rain after 7 am. It's just not going to, for areas north and west of I-95.
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