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  1. This entire scenario of a potential snowstorm in a warm and unstable pattern reminds me of Feb 2018. I remember it being in the 60’s and the following day, I got around 8 inches of snow in extremely marginal temps.
  2. They're probably following News12 and thinking it will just become rain after 7 am. It's just not going to, for areas north and west of I-95.
  3. Mind you that HRDPS model is being shown up to 12z. It picks up another 3 or so inches in NNJ and Hudson Valley.
  4. Bullish South of CNJ, but Seems fairly reasonable for everyone else.
  5. Another 3-4 hours for many areas under these bands is going to be absolutely insane. Easily could make most places verify for their respective forecasts.(And some overachieve).
  6. Snow ends around 3 or 4. It will be heavy for the most part until then.
  7. Anyone North of NYC will get at least 2-4 inches with some of the bands.
  8. The previous map was valid from last night to tomorrow night. This is additional snowfall. For the most part an extra 3-4 inches will probably bring people at least to the lower end of their original forecast.
  9. Yeah. NWS has me under 6-8, and I have 3" right now. This would be the only way to get additional accumulating snow.
  10. Is it a possibility that the heavy precipitation off Long Island pivots nw into NNJ?
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