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  1. I hope y’all don’t think we are doing anything remotely similar to what they did in Wuhan because it’s not even close. The response from the federal to this has been baffling and underwhelming. President Trump should see repercussions if this gets bad. If private companies and state/local governments are able to flatten the pandemic curve than Trump better not take credit for it
  2. This travel ban is even worse than I thought as it doesn’t apply to US citizens or foreign nationals. Travel bans are dumb policy but he implemented an inefficient version to appease his base that still sees this as a foreign virus despite the fact it is already here and there is plenty evidence of community spread. We can’t confirm community spread because the guidelines for testing are terrible. The only countries that have succeeded in fighting this thing have done tons of testing
  3. How do y’all honestly think a travel ban from Europe will do any good? The UK is exempt and most international travel to US from Europe comes via London. The virus is already in the US closing borders at this point just creates additional economic burden especially if you are just picking and choosing countries. Would’ve loved more decisive action on how to stop the spread within the US because now that it’s here that’s what really matters
  4. Our testing numbers are much lower than these countries so apples to apples number comparisons is misleading. Look at number of tests per capita
  5. GFS progressive and OTS at D10, and Euro over amped with a changeover situation is right where we want to be in terms of model biases this far out
  6. While it is nice to have something to track, I wouldn't get too enthused with this storm. Temps will be marginal so things need to be perfect to get snow at the coast. The Feb 6th-Feb 11th time frame is probably the most intriguing of the season from a potential standpoint
  7. I always associate weekend storms with January 2016 and I remember very clearly how the models began hinting at it the storm a week out and then all of a sudden during the 00z runs that Sunday night into Monday all the models showed the storm. I just hope we can get one of those storms again soon. Don't think I've seen the models key in on a solution so consistently so far out since. Who knows, maybe this one will be it?
  8. ABC News is reporting his 4 daughters were believed to be on the helicopter as well
  9. with all do respect the euro has been by far the best model in the 3-7 day range, it has been over-amplified in the 1-3 day range a bit this season but overall at this range the fact that the Euro and UKMET see this missing OTS gives pause on any solution from the CMC or GFS.
  10. This storm doesn't look entirely promising for DC and Mid-Atlantic but for the NE this could be a good one
  11. The trends on the 12z GFS look good to me. Let's see if the other models follow suit
  12. The GFS is trending colder for mid next week which may help with next weekends storm
  13. The federal government quite surprisingly is doing a 1pm release due to potential impacts in DC area
  14. What are you all thinking for the DC area. Looking at temps and radar it looks like HRRR may have been onto something
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