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  1. I hear the sound of ice pellets outside, here comes the mess. It was fun while it lasted
  2. not the best video but
  3. something special is happening in DC right now. Largest flakes I've seen since 2016
  4. dynamic cooling working wonders in DC at the moment!
  5. I'm curious to see the impact of the next major precip coming from the west. I'm wondering if it will be strong enough to temporarily bring us heavy snow again
  6. Definitely lower ratio snow falling in NW DC, with smaller snowflakes. Sleet should follow soon
  7. Anywhere in the DC area that gets a lull in snow in the next hour or two will be the ones cursed with sleet with the next round of heavy precip. The lack of falling snow will enable warm air to take over more quickly. The areas just to the north will be able to hold onto snow for a little bit longer but with the high rates depicted in the next round that could make a huge difference in snow totals even if the transition time is only 1-2 hours different
  8. radar looks good, could mean big thump of snow but quicker transition. Quite the catch 22 for this storm in DC. I don't think tomorrow is looking good to be quite honest but I could be wrong
  9. HRRR definitely is showing bust potential for DC
  10. The 18z models seem to be showing an interesting situation in immediate DC region. I'm very curious to see the 00z model runs to see if it continues to hint at strong banding forming right over DC area in the late morning hours
  11. The FV3's depiction of this storm is odd