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  1. If the HRDPS verified I’d be making quite the donation to this website
  2. I'll do $10 an inch for every inch that falls at DCA by 3/4. But only if someone tells me if the Ukie shows any snow for DC
  3. The Euro seems to be struggling big time with this pattern.
  4. I’m glad y’all in NE will be getting your snow. DC seems to be out of getting significant snow from any of these systems. But we’ve had our storms. Enjoy!
  5. this is a completely different setup, there is no strong high yielding a CAD setup here. SW flow would turn things to rain very quickly
  6. So to be fair regarding FV3 I think it has been a lot better with the handling of upper-level features, it just has a cold bias and it's snow output is unrealistic. They can't make it operational until that cold bias is addressed but that doesn't mean it's not worth looking at
  7. As a DC snow fan, imo we are right where we want to be. GFS to the south with the best snow and Euro just to the north. With the inherent biases in the medium range for both models, DC is in a good place
  8. I hear the sound of ice pellets outside, here comes the mess. It was fun while it lasted
  9. not the best video but
  10. something special is happening in DC right now. Largest flakes I've seen since 2016
  11. dynamic cooling working wonders in DC at the moment!
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