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  1. really hoping the 18z gfs and fv3 dont come west.... This storm has so much potential
  2. This winter has taught me to not trust ANY model outside 5 days.
  3. So people are giving up on a storm (March 6th)that’s like 9 days out? Lol. Cmon guys
  4. 00z gfs has euro coastal storm... wheres everyone at. great 0z runs so far
  5. March 7th storm: Euro CMC very nice hits gfs fv3 OTS/Supressed which prevails?
  6. guys, patience...... Just because a 12z run of GFS is showing no snow to day 15 does not mean it will not snow. no model has a clue what precip will fall on day 13 for example.
  7. state of emergency is unnecessary unless ice is a significant issue
  8. i think this is a relatively unorthodox relationship. high end for CNJ is same as expected snowfall??
  9. not necessarily. I'd say the 3-6 is high for areas of SNJ, but CNJ and upward could certainly be possible. take into account the nov 15 storm. its not the exact same scenario as this storm, but models may be under-doing the cold.. what do you think?
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