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  1. The 540 line is down in the Carolinas and it shows rain for nj?
  2. What exactly is the kuchera ratio? Is it actually accurate? It seems it just shows higher totals than 10:1
  3. Big euro run coming up. Let’s see if it trends south for Sunday’s storm
  4. Does this have any room to move SE so it’s more snow and cold for northeast?
  5. When in January do you think pattern starts to be favorable for widespread snow? 20th?
  6. How are ratios and temps for SNJ?? It’s at night so it should accumulate correct?
  7. Past few winters, snowstorms really didn’t crank up until Jan, and lasted through March. 90 days of storm tracking starts in Jan
  8. really hoping the 18z gfs and fv3 dont come west.... This storm has so much potential
  9. This winter has taught me to not trust ANY model outside 5 days.
  10. So people are giving up on a storm (March 6th)that’s like 9 days out? Lol. Cmon guys
  11. 00z gfs has euro coastal storm... wheres everyone at. great 0z runs so far
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