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  1. You’re not looking at the bigger picture with that number. The 2017-2018 flu season was bad. CDC estimates 45,000,000 people were infected and 61,000 died from it. That mortality rate is 0.14%. Also, what is the R0 value of the flu? Between 1 and 2. What’s happening in China is way more severe than that. There are news coming out that officials can’t keep up with adequate testing for the virus, people not able to get to hospitals, numerous unaccounted deaths, etc...Because of this, you can’t get an accurate mortality rate. Current research papers are all over the place with R0 value estimates ranging from 2.8-4.08 and mortality rates up to 6%. This is a rapidly developing outbreak. It’s foolish to come to the conclusion that it’s no big deal simply because the current official confirmed numbers, to a certain extent, suggest that. I’m not saying the end of the world is coming, but at the same time it’s highly unlikely that it’s as big of a deal as the common flu.
  2. In hindsight, I’m glad for these ads and @33andrain’s explanation. They’ve made me realize I probably should get back in the dating world
  3. Does a pattern like that strictly favor the mid Atlantic or is it meh for all across the eastern seaboard north of the NC/VA border?
  4. It’s not really for the sake of being negative. It’s being a realist as to what’s really going on. Sure, the pattern we expected a few days ago could very well come back, but recent changes argue against that. Things aren’t looking nearly as good as they did and we have to face that rather than grasp at straws. I enjoy the critical harsh analysis rather than therapeutic approach.
  5. I’m just tired of people being extremely optimistic. Come on, be objective about your analysis! Argue for what seems to be more likely to happen, not necessarily what you want to happen. The majority of this community wants KU events, no doubt about it. But ffs, tone down your snow bias down a bit in how you express your thoughts.
  6. The post is relevant to the forum. I don’t see why he has to let go of it.
  7. Tbf, there’s a lot more clarity at the moment of a missed phase than not. Obviously things will be changing, but overall signs past 2 days are more hostile than optimistic.
  8. Thanks for that. Just finished the video. It’s incredible how close these two events are to each other. By far one of DT’s best videos A lot of what he said turned out to be spot on. If you’re interested in the video:
  9. I believe we still had a solid snowpack Up to Christmas Eve from that HECS a few days prior. Unfortunately it was all washed away by a big cutter that next morning. Midwest got slammed with blizzard conditions.
  10. Wow, what a fine piece of work! Also, thanks for sharing Mark to us. Will start following him from now on.
  11. Not necessarily referencing this post, but a lot of your other posts discuss factors that I’ve only seen you ever talk about. Not sure how legitimate they are. You might be right, but do you have any links that prove your claims?
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