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  1. I believe we still had a solid snowpack Up to Christmas Eve from that HECS a few days prior. Unfortunately it was all washed away by a big cutter that next morning. Midwest got slammed with blizzard conditions.
  2. Wow, what a fine piece of work! Also, thanks for sharing Mark to us. Will start following him from now on.
  3. Not necessarily referencing this post, but a lot of your other posts discuss factors that I’ve only seen you ever talk about. Not sure how legitimate they are. You might be right, but do you have any links that prove your claims?
  4. Not much analysis for the mid Atlantic happening in the February topic. If SNE isn’t getting snow, then it’s all crickets. Really don’t like that. I’m sensing a lot of jeaolusy lol. Come on guys, gotta represent the entire east coast
  5. Soon, the winter of 384-hr maps can be put to rest. Can’t wait to get out more come Spring and Summer! Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all the good mets here tackling the next winter storm threat, but once winter is done, I feel relieved. A whole new person emerges all the way until November. That’s when the first legit winter forecasts start to come out and it’s back to the desktop every hour or so to see what the latest operational/ensemble is showing
  6. Wouldn’t the arguments for a warmer and less snowier winter from now on make more sense than those still reaching for the opposite? I get that you like snow, but I just don’t see why anyone should be excited/optimistic about the upcoming pattern. Don’t let your love for snow cloud you from making the stronger argument
  7. It was mentioned earlier in the winter that a high amplitude Phase 8 in January isn’t ideal for a KU pattern. Everyone knows about Phase 8 in February, but like January, would a high amplitude yield similar dangers?
  8. Tracking winter storms is as entertaining as seeing a weenie meltdown
  9. Dark times are upon us when few to no long range ensemble means are being posted in the January long range observations thread
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