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  1. Amazing. GFS shows rain for DC while the para shows 2 feet. Nice.
  2. I really don’t understand why anyone thinks Joe Bastardi has any credibility. Unless they’re also in on his schemes. This isn’t even about his winter forecasts. https://www.desmogblog.com/joe-bastardi
  3. Weren’t you saying that you never want to see a -NAO ever again the other day?
  4. Lol you damn well know thats not the issue this winter. Correlation is not causation
  5. TPV digging more. Like GFS/GEFS showed. Could cause some problems, no?
  6. How many days apart were they? And how significant were both events?
  7. Lol. Its going to take a miracle for this to affect NYC on north.
  8. This "area" doesnt include DC. I think you should be more inclusive of all board members as it's not just NYC and its surroundings.
  9. The threat for the 28th is showing a great trend on the GFS. I wonder how the 26th storm impacts this one
  10. Right? Don’t forget about the December storm. Many were hugging the 850 maps of some of the globals but we all know what happened. Sleet pushed north more than initially modeled in the days prior.
  11. Nice hit for NYC. 0z Euro had a crush job in DC and Philly but I expect it to shift north at 12z.
  12. How does the 25th storm impact the 28th? If the 25th looks better for us, does that hinder the potential for the 28th? The 28th threat really does have a nicer pattern going for it. Lot of eye candy popping up in the last few runs as a result of better trends.
  13. That energy off the west coast keeps being pushed further and further west. If we can get the ridge in the plains moving more towards the rockies we are in serious business. Nice high to the north too.
  14. Didnt we say that the OP would go south towards the ensembles? Lol
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