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  1. His data ends up showing actually a slight westward bias in the medium term however. Perhaps this 'rule of thumb' is just from observing a consistent model bias play out in medium term modeling?
  2. i'd like to make a call for the 20th for a storm. But only because I like that it's the 20th day of the 20th year in the 2000s ( I want to say 20th century but alas) Should have done that earlier, had been thinking about it last fall! How about 20"!?
  3. here's the look in brooklyn. still warm, 34 and dripping from the trees
  4. Micro climates are cool. Will be interesting to compare, tho im not as trained as you, so take that with a grain of salt, so to speak! Good luck brother!
  5. right on the edge of Bushwick off Wilson Ave. L train. A little up the slope next to the evergreen cemetery so we tend to do well here, used to be in west Bed Stuy.
  6. I like what I'm seeing here in bk, down a couple degrees in the past hour. just slipped below 40 on my thermometer and we haven't started precipitating just yet
  7. I've donated already, so for fun I'm placing my bet on 10" imby here in Brooklyn, pays out if it hits or goes over - another $1 an inch. Go big or go home!
  8. R/S line may end up the same from last night. With 5" here in BK, thinking we are well positioned atm. Snow on the ground may keep things a bit cooler next day or so too.
  9. measured an even 5" of sticky icky here in central Brooklyn! Super happy with this storm
  10. We’ve got ice accumulating and my personal thermometer is reading 30.8 in central Brooklyn
  11. I thought I was a hardcore weenie. from yesterday:
  12. will next week's storm be our valentine?! ok im done, sorry
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