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  1. It can strengthen maybe not RI. Id say a given if we get the stall and a south west movement. Eyes are peeled ? the folks are evacuated to Madison Georgia with 10-20 neighbors from the myrtle beach area. Hurricane party in effect (green label jack daniels). Must be nice to be retired. Id be worrying to
  2. Really puts this on the boarder of the Carolinas for almost 24hrs as a hurricane smh wow
  3. And then backs south into SC huge difference here-idk ??
  4. The Block is real deal , that run is more realistic then the gfs.
  5. Very close to last nights 0z but stronger. Landfall NC/SC boarder. Terrible if that pans out. Gnite/morn!
  6. Who was I kidding had to see, lol myrtle beach sc landfall
  7. Not staying up but looks south we see later how the run pans out, gnite