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  1. Current dp is 22. Shows 18 on this chart at midnight.. ? Did drop a degree in past 30 mins. Now at 34.
  2. Definitely warmer atm then modeled here in queens. Sitting at 35 but hourly nws plumes showed 33. Not sure if that is anything but 2 degrees is pretty significant to me considering if you looking for any over performing. Will compare to this during the morning observations along with 850s.
  3. Caught the nice shot , trailing end of the system moving north as those rainbows formed. Beautiful cloud structure. LI-NY
  4. Dont matter its wrong imo. You’re not going have a shart cut off. When and if the warm air overruns its going to overrun.
  5. A foot in the bronx and zippo at Jfk airport, lol
  6. My 20 cents is you would think after Fridays storm pushed through second could not exit the coast in the same spot. It would have to be more south. First storm flattens it out for a time. No?
  7. Soundings like cold af even on the coast but with a temp of 41. Dont add up
  8. Might get more friday then sunday in alot of spots lol
  9. Definitely colder run look at the 540 from 18z and compare. Slight but it’s definitely colder
  10. Early in the run at hr50 or so all i could say is maybe the friday system a bit weaker so far, we’ll see how this goes
  11. Crazy got that comma look already on guidance yup a beauty
  12. A friend asked what was the convection to the south of the low on this run. I know we are a million runs away and about to get into the new run. My thought was just dynamics but wonder if we see a double barrel show itself this week. I could wish lol Thoughts?
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