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  2. Hi everyone, first time poster here. Saw this discussion and wanted to jump in. I recently finished my PhD in atmospheric science and a large aspect of it was data assimilation and observation impact. That latter topic, obs impact, uses numerical methods to quantify the impact that any arbitrary component of the total observing system (i.e., radiosondes, sat wind, amdar, etc.) may have on a particular forecast cycle. With that said, 1) fresh observational data is fully assimilated at every cycle (00z, 06z, 12z, 18z), it is not merely just data from the previous off hour (06z and 18z) runs; 2) there is not a significant skill difference between the main synoptic time and off hour runs; and 3) balloons make up a very, very small portion of the observing system, and any one platforms relative importance is completely flow dependent. It is almost impossible to determine a priori which system will be most important for a particular forecast.
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