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  1. Overall, we knew something like this was bound to happen again. There’s not a ton of information regarding the virus yet, aside from the fact that it is an RNA virus, similar to the MERS and SARS. The entire genome has already been sequenced from multiple patients who’ve acquired the disease, but ultimately it doesn’t seem to be all that deadly. The majority of deaths have come already in immunocompromised people, not normal healthy adults who’s immune systems handle it. I feel like the CDC has gotten a good jump on things and I’m hopeful this will fizzle out. In the end, a viruses goal is not to kill people, it’s to infect them and not kill them so it can spread to others and replicate. If it kills the host, its just a virus with a short life span. Again we don’t have all the information yet, but I’m hopeful. Not to mention as it jumped to humans it’s always mutating, and may mutate it’s way out of being much of anything.
  2. Regardless of how the winter turns out, I hope we can get 1 nice coastal. Being an outsider, I’m actually a med student, but I just find it amazing how difficult it can be to get all the ingredients to come together. I find it even more fascinating how everyone has their own philosophies and takes on forecasting in the long and medium range, and how you all dissect the models. It’s refreshing, it’s fun, and weather is just gonna weather at the end of the day. What a fun community we have here, I’m happy I stumbled upon it.
  3. Absolutely thumping snow, with huge flakes. At least 4 inches so far, we’ll see how we end up.
  4. I feel like Maine will take the jackpot on this one yet again, we’ll have to see how things evolve. Encouraging signs ahead for the rest of winter, hopefully a lot of tracking in the future.
  5. 13 inches in Portland, forecast busted way high for pretty much everyone
  6. Few small bands starting to work their way in, snowing with sleet mixing in at a moderate clip. Interesting to see where the bands set up tonight into the morning.
  7. It hasn’t even started here yet, feel like I’ll be the only one on tonight! Hoping to get into some heavy banding tonight/tomorrow as the low strengthens up the coast.
  8. 1.5 inches in Portland overnight. Hopefully can cash later tonight into Tuesday.
  9. I’m right there with you, It’ll be fun to track. Are there any other Mainers on here?
  10. What are you guys thinking for the Southern Maine? Feel like I’m the only guy on here from that area. Weird system for us, seems like it’s going to be a sharp cutoff.
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