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  1. Right now precip has become heavier and it’s mostly snow. Was 100% sleet for a time when it was lighter. We’ll see...
  2. A little under 3.5” with a mix of snow and sleet.
  3. Had a brief period of snow/sleet mix, now back to all snow
  4. Now there is a little sleet mixed in
  5. It started snowing just before 6 am and we’ve had nice rates all morning except for short-lived lulls.
  6. 3” on the dot in nw dc
  7. It is officially an above average winter in terms of snowfall at DCA. 2” brings the season total to 16”. Dulles already at 3.3” for today.
  8. A bit over 2” with heavy snow ongoing
  9. Huge flakes right now
  10. HRRR final total is 4 1/2” with double digits in NoVa
  11. New HRRR has another 4” here in Washington through noon and still snowing
  12. Hope you can finally get a decent storm up there, would be nice to see both DC and NYC get a nice snowfall from the same storm
  13. Nice rates and starting to cover every surface