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  1. The happy hour American models think the threat is very much alive.
  2. Still some light snow falling. Just shy of 1” in upper nw dc, which means DCA will probably come in with less than half an inch based on past experience. Not a bad way to wrap up the snow season (although I have a feeling we’ll still squeeze out another one!)
  3. Dulles was at 0.3” 20 minutes ago, they should be over 1/2” by now given the nice rates. I’ve got 0.2” and counting!
  4. 0z NAM consistent with a 1-2” event during tomorrow’s afternoon-rush hour here in dc.
  5. I like to check on the para gfs hour 384 when I’m bored. It makes my day.
  6. Literally less than a minute after seeing the first big flakes, it is back to rain
  7. Moderate white rain now. Hopefully the ground can get its act together and let it begin to stick.
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