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  1. Same donation for every plowable event till 04/15/2019. Keep the link open please.
  2. Let me Know were to send some cash. I think I made a bit today................
  3. 31 and ice in the suburbs as of 3AM. Drove 40 miles east to PHL airport, 34 and just rain there. Back home and hovering at 32, mix of rain and sleet.
  4. Put me in for $3.00 an inch Northeast Philly, your choice of recorders. Bonus $$$'s if we go deep. The least I could do, as this site rocks. We dropped blades today, and everyone swears it's because of me explaining the funny color "DBZ" graph next to the map. Guess where I learned more than that.......
  5. Hmm, I see there is other "plow" folks in here. I'll just take in all the info the experts here put out, and now that I'm learning thanks to this site I will formulate my personal forecast. Based on my analysis Philly is 2+ so my trucks are ready to load at 4AM.
  6. Perfect. 33 and rain here. Fitting right.................
  7. over1 inch here, every property I salted is clear, untreated roads covered
  8. Dusting to 1/4 inch here in suburbs, plowable snow (1 + inch) 4.2 miles into the Philly area (19119 zip). Temps good both area (18F) but strange in the fact that easterly flow of moisture usually edges north when it hits the city region, not this time. This due to the fact its still cold further south, down to the DC area?
  9. Half inch on grassy area, treated asphalt wet. Very light snow falling
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