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  1. HLEDphl

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    Perfect. 33 and rain here. Fitting right.................
  2. over1 inch here, every property I salted is clear, untreated roads covered
  3. Dusting to 1/4 inch here in suburbs, plowable snow (1 + inch) 4.2 miles into the Philly area (19119 zip). Temps good both area (18F) but strange in the fact that easterly flow of moisture usually edges north when it hits the city region, not this time. This due to the fact its still cold further south, down to the DC area?
  4. Half inch on grassy area, treated asphalt wet. Very light snow falling
  5. A coating on non treated areas. .75 inch on the lawn.
  6. Ambient temp 32F, road temp 34F measured with non contact pyrometer. Bit warm…
  7. HLEDphl


  8. Would have been nice for this weekend, daughter and my new grandson would have been stuck here. So be it
  9. As a NOOB, and just a plow guy I am glad I found this site. Actually learning a lot, you guys know your stuff. All I can contribute at this time is surface conditions, from the Philly area....