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  1. Thanks for reminding me of 2011-2012. Hoping that is not going to happen again!
  2. Funny how that route 202 line is. Less than a half inch here 20 miles away from you. Just had mild snow and no precip in any form right now.
  3. I'll go $1.00 an inch, will increase incrementally with plow-able totals. Bird <----- must have a better contract.
  4. Snow here. No accumulation so far. Too warm.........
  5. Heavy frost on ground here day 2, after the storm. Making tree cleanup a bit hard.
  6. Same donation for every plowable event till 04/15/2019. Keep the link open please.
  7. Let me Know were to send some cash. I think I made a bit today................
  8. 31 and ice in the suburbs as of 3AM. Drove 40 miles east to PHL airport, 34 and just rain there. Back home and hovering at 32, mix of rain and sleet.
  9. Put me in for $3.00 an inch Northeast Philly, your choice of recorders. Bonus $$$'s if we go deep. The least I could do, as this site rocks. We dropped blades today, and everyone swears it's because of me explaining the funny color "DBZ" graph next to the map. Guess where I learned more than that.......
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