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  1. Andy Hazelton @AndyHazelton · Aug 14, 2020 Replying to @EricBlake12 and @mattlanza Yeah 2005's first week of September would be pretty hard to top (laughs nervously looking at the MJO). Eric Blake @EricBlake12 All you need to know is the Atlantic should be at its least favorable before the MJO. Which is now. And we still got 2 storms this week. Buckle up 5:51 PM · Aug 14, 2020
  2. I saw electrical crews from Topeka Kansas
  3. I concur and reference about Sandy Having more Damage then compared to this past storm at least In lower Bucks County PA could even imagine with the destruction would’ve been like if Sandy hit August With full foliage Considering Sandy hit in late October
  4. I think what he saying is if that Storm where to hit in August instead of October almost November when the leaves We’re starting to drop already
  5. At this point I don’t think it really matters a strong tropical storm or a very weak Hurricane
  6. In reference about it being a quick mover if I did my calculations right in a 24 hour period between Myrtle Beach South Carolina and New York it’s moving roughly about 26 to 27 mph
  7. Can someone please change the title to a Hurricane
  8. I thought a weak system has a better shot of going farther west than a stronger one
  9. Just a parade of waves just waitingJust a parade of waves just waiting
  10. Getting blasted down here
  11. Getting some good heavy rain here now
  12. The Madden Julian Oscillation is coming back to life in a big way & in the prime location for Atlantic tropical cyclone activity. We're going to see a West African monsoonal surge in the next 2 weeks, which should focus our to the Atlantic's Main Development Region.
  13. Things might start to get a little bit interesting
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