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  1. Finally we’re starting to see some pinks into Canada
  2. If anybody is really desperate for snow hop on a jet out to Lake Tahoe area the GFS run 0Z just gave them 19 feet of snow
  3. Just once that’s all me asking for the GFS to be right Exactly we got to tread lightly here until the other models start coming aboard keep your expectations low
  4. And don’t forget the PNA should be around neutral when the storm hits When I looked back at the PNA history the storm on the 16th of Dec the PNA was just above neutral like .03 Just saying!
  5. Yo Allsnow I noticed there is a little pep in your comments lately I really like it
  6. Where is all the cold going is it going on our side of the planet maybe
  7. Thank you there CCB greatly appreciated brother happy tracking hopefully in the near future
  8. What is the difference between major stratospheric warming and I guess regular stratospheric warming and are the implications different?
  9. At this point it didn’t help us anyway I throw my hands up On what teleconnection Benefit us
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