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  1. Had a nice shelf cloud come through winds on the backside roughly 40 to 45 was over in about five minutes On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it 3
  2. Unfortunately I hear Someone I believe from the forestry department had a possible cardiac arrest
  3. Did someone say road trip
  4. Tropical tidbits look up GFS hit 18 Z and push play and you’ll see it
  5. Doc V @MJVentrice · 8h Bit of personal news to share: I have made the difficult decision to leave TWC/IBM. It’s been a remarkable journey and I was extremely blessed to have started my career at WSI. Thankful for all of my amazing, intelligent colleagues. My time spent with you all has been invaluable.
  6. Switching back to big flakes some sleet mixed in Jesus the atmosphere doesn’t know what the heck to do
  7. Well boys down here in Langhorne just switch to full-fledged sleet Fest
  8. Starting to mix in here sleet and snow but the blob just to my south I’m assuming it is sleet very heavy sleet
  9. Starting to get the switch over to sleet down here in Langhorne
  10. I will be Adding more money this weekend to this great website
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