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  1. look what is happening up in Newfoundland they're getting crushed 2 to 3 feet of snow and hurricane force winds
  2. I hear yeah analog like you said the The high to the North how strong is it going to be the low pressure off the coast how strong is that going to be how close is it how far out in the ocean is it there’s so many variables it’s crazy to say something like that just my opinion
  3. How do you know it’s going to be a scraper when it’s 12 days away “really”
  4. I think you fellas ( Or ladies) Out there might enjoy this soak it up boys the European monthly outlook for February
  5. Nice work there PB. I remember last year when the polar vortex came and visit us how cold it was for a couple days and then when it warmed up and stayed warm so hopefully the opposite will happen here
  6. The million dollar question is fellows will it be transit or Will it stick around for a while what do you think @PB GFI and everybody else ?
  7. Just starting’s it’s snowing down here in Langhorne PA
  8. Speaking of The February 2007 Sleet storm The question that I have at hand is for every inch of sleet equals how many inches of rain
  9. That’s why I was asking basically how much credence We should putt in a monthly outlook
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