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  1. Dmillz25. If I were to guess I believe it might happen sometime in April the only reason I’m saying that is because some of the monthly model outlooks are predicting a cooler than normal May Then again you know how it always goes always subject to change
  2. Don in reference about the polar vortex due to being so strong this year what are the odds of it being strong next year
  3. Pretty simple for me and Big fat F ( I don’t care if we get some snow in March for me it’s over)
  4. We posted the same thing at the same time How about that
  5. You know it really sucks there’s a distinct possibility of parts of eastern North Carolina Could have more snow than Philly(At least according to the latest EPS 12 Z )
  6. PB quick question what was preventing the MJO from going into phase is 8 1. 2 and 3 it was like a wall was built. And the AO it looks like it’s pretty much been positive since December 10 In the PNA for that matter too Negative that is
  7. Well that didn’t last long the euro is pretty significantly east compared to the 12 z if I were to guess maybe two or 300 miles Well at this point we have to GFS as a cutter the euro is to the east we’ll see what the eps will have to say couple hours Oh and I forgot the new and improved Canadian is roughly 6 to 9 inches Philly to New York
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