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  1. Might have already been posted, but this is a very useful site. I have been looking for more normalized by population data. http://91-divoc.com/pages/covid-visualization/?fbclid=IwAR0be0RCLsmU5aJ0pLbhQvhcBGMBqskLP5oZBdIg6prj-YQfvfQUl3j-Ork
  2. For you, the bigger concern is that you might spread the virus to somebody who might not fare as well, like an older person, or somebody else with a health conditions. If you test positive, will you stay at home until you are better?
  3. The Canadian also has a very significant colder shift in the mid range at 12Z. These are pretty substantial one run shifts in the mid range. I am very curious if there's ensemble support.
  4. I’m not ready to take the bait yet, but this looks interesting here at day 6.
  5. I accidentally posted this in another thread and I cannot find a way to delete it. Anyways, hopefully the ski resorts at least pick up some snow next week with a gradient pattern taking hold. Still watching the Feb 7th time period very closely.
  6. Let's keep trending that high over the top stronger. We can slowly fix this over the next several days. We don't need a grand slam in one model cycle.
  7. While we wait for the 12Z ensembles to come out, I hope we can start seeing at least some sort of high begin to trend stronger over Maine into Atlantic Canada. The lack of any kind of surface high keeps me a little hesitant to be super excited here. Here was the 06Z GEFS SLP plot for 06Z Sunday.
  8. EPS probability of snow accumulation >3". I don't have the indies. Looks pretty solid from the spine of the Apps up through Central PA and into much of NY State into interior New England.
  9. The +EPO regime is absolutely killing us, and appears quite unrelenting in the mid/long range. Perhaps we can get lucky with a transient +PNA and a ridge over the Hudson Bay.
  10. Does anybody believe that this might be more of a Mid Atlantic threat than a NE threat given the strength of the ridging to the north? I can envision a deepening system that stalls off the Mid Atlantic Coast here..
  11. 2" of snow fell here in Chalfont, PA (Bucks County) before the changeover. Moderate sleet w/ some freezing rain continues. No way this changes to rain here before shutoff. 25/20
  12. Yes. Here is a link. You can navigate to your local radar. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=DIX-N0C-1-24
  13. You can move this over to the current observations thread if it doesn't belong here, but is anybody else watching how this New England storm deepens to set the table for the weekend storm? Current two hour pressure change. Surface low in Northern Ohio, with pressure drops to the NE.
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