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  1. February 2021 Climate Summary for Western Chester County PA in the philly burbs
  2. Some snow records for Western Chester County PA (1894 to Present) Philly burbs with the storm total of 5.0" yesterday - 4th snowiest February at 35.9" (snowiest the 69.8" in 1898) - 20th snowiest season 51.4" (snowiest 1898-99 with 95.0" of snow) - 4th time in last 8 years we have surpassed 50" of snowfall in a season (2017-18 last time) - At least 1" of snow has been on the ground for every day of February. If the snow cover lasts through this week it will mark the 7th February with snow observed on the ground every day of the month. This would also be the 3rd February in
  3. Through today here in East Nantmeal Twp. in Chester County PA with the 10" snow cover still on the ground this is our 21st consecutive day with snow cover. This represents our longest consecutive days with snow cover since the 48 straight days recorded back in 2015 from January 23rd till March 11th. There have been 39 snow cover streaks of greater than 20 days since 1894. That list is attached - our current streak is good for #35. Overall this area averages a total of 31 days of snow cover in an average winter season. Through today we are at that exact average with our 31st such day so f
  4. Today will mark our 25th day with snow cover >1" here in NW Chester County PA in the Philly burbs this winter season (not consecutive). In a normal winter season we average 31 days of snow cover (1894 to Present). For many the best measure of a good winter (for a winter enthusiast) is the number of days with snow cover - so you may be asking what are our top 10 greatest snow cover winter seasons? Well wait no more the answer is below 1904-15 (74 days) 2013-14 (72 days) 1995-96 (69 days) 1960-61 (67 days) 1963-64 (64 days) 1947-48 (64 day
  5. Coldest AM this season at 15.0 - lowest prior was 15.9 on 12/19 - only our 3rd sub-20 reading of the entire winter Quote
  6. Here in the NW Philly burbs of Chester County PA with today's 8.8" of snow we have now recorded 25.7" of snow since last Sunday. The 21.4" of snow already recorded this month is good for the most monthly snow in February since the 39.4" back in 2014. It is also already the 14th snowiest February in Chester County history. That said a long way to go to match the top 2 snowy Feb since 1894. #1 being the 69.8" that fell in 1899 and only 11 years ago the 62.8" from Snowmageddon in 2010. However, this week may try to continue to move us up in the record books
  7. While it is still snowing with temps above freezing looks like we can call this one final. So let's review the storm and where it stands in historical Western Chester County PA (NW Philly burbs) history The 16.6" of snow accumulated as follows over the last 4 days 1/31/21 - 4.3" snow / 2/1/21 - 9.3" snow (including 2.3" IP) / 2/2/21 - 2.5" snow and 2/3/21 - 0.5" snow This snow storm now ranks as the 21st greatest snow event in Chester County PA history from 1894 to Present - top 25 storms are below
  8. Continues to snow steadily here in East Nantmeal Twp in NW Chester County PA. We have picked up another 1.0" of snow since 6am. Total since midnight now 2.5". Storm total now up to 16.1" this is the biggest snow event in Western Chester County since the 26.0" that fell on 1/23/16. We have also tied the totals from the Blizzard of 1993 for the 22nd largest snowstorm in Chester County history back to 1894
  9. East Nantmeal Twp Chester County PA Snow since midnight 1.5" Storm total 15.1" Currently light snow 28.0 - looks like a heavier band incoming from the north
  10. Continues to snow steadily here in NW Chester County in the Philly burbs with another 1.5" between 8pm and 10pm. Storm total now at 13.1" including our 2nd straight daily snow record. The 4.3" yesterday broke the old record of 3.5" set back in 1898 while the 8.8" so far today breaks the old mark of 8.0" set on this date in 1934
  11. 4pm Obs East Nantmeal Twp. (NW philly burbs) Snow temp 25.0 Snow total so far 1.5" last hour 1.3"
  12. Our current warm January continues - as only 3 days this month have been below normal - this of course will change over the next few days...but a brief chill in our ocean of warmth in our current warm cycle
  13. Still only 1 sub 20 degree day this season here in the higher spots in the Western Philly burbs
  14. We are now below normal for seasonal snowfall for the 1st time since December 16th
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