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  1. After today's dreary day Chester County PA we will finish with our 10th warmest (46.2) average monthly temperature for March since records began in 1894. Of note 4 of the 5 warmest March's on record happened before 1950 back - back when we had a warmer March climo....the top 5 are below: 1921 - 51.5 1945 - 51.3 2012 - 49.5 1903 - 48.4 1946 - 48.0
  2. 1.63" of rain yesterday while significant nowhere near our daily record of 2.26" set back in 1932 Monthly rainfall now stands at 4.87" (+1.13" above normal) YTD precipitation stands at 12.03" (+1.47" above normal) Snowfall 5.8" - 29.9" below normal through today.....
  3. Record hi elevation record high temp today in Western Chester County PA with our high of 76.6 beating the old record of 72.6 back in 2012....but well behind the valley record of 83 set back in 1945. Much chillier over the weekend and maybe 2 chances of accumulating snow above 600 ft over the next 10 days with 1st shot by Monday AM
  4. Thanks for all of the email requests!!!! Please confirm your receipt of the presentation via email....It is clearly a slow weather time!! LOL!! If anyone else is interested in viewing the entire presentation on this forum... just send me your email address via the email on my website or send me a PM here with your email and I will send you the "full deck" of 24 slides - apologies again to those that noticed my website is not quite as current as the data and analysis I have in the presentation deck! My full time job clearly gets in the way of this "hobby"!!! Thanks again for your interest!! Paul
  5. I gave a weather talk today for a social club at a golf club near me here in Chester County PA. This forced me to update some of my climate stats and included some new comparisons to the weather reported at PHL Airport. I thought I would share some of it here.
  6. Here in the philly burbs of Chester County PA - The blower almost failed me this AM....but I did clean up the T of snow that fell last evening. We also recorded 0.49" of w.e. during the "storm"
  7. Wet snow here at 685 ft ASL while down at the PA Turnpike exit at 520 ft mainly rain with some mangled flakes. My deck is a bit slick but temps are just above 34 degrees. So far today 0.32" of w.e.
  8. Snow has begun to mix in the the rain here in NW Chester County PA in the philly burbs with a temp of 37.7
  9. Beautiful day even down the shore in Sea Isle City NJ same temp as here in Western Chester County PA - no sea breeze....yet!
  10. Here in Chester County PA this winter (DJF) ranks as the 7th warmest since record keeping began in 1894. However, this winter was actually the 3rd coldest winter in the last 5 seasons! LOL! While this season was warm at an average temperature of 37.1 with normal at 31.3 (+5.8) it was still well below the warmest winter experienced way back in 1931-32 with an average temp of 39.5. Below are the top 7 warmest winters. 1. 1931-32 (39.5) 2. 1997-98 (38.1) 3. 2015-16 (37.8) 4. 2001-02 (37.5) 5. 1982-83 (37.4) 6. 2016-17 (37.3) 7. 2019-20 (37.1)
  11. So Chester County PA will be having it's 8th snowless (trace) February. Also the 4th warmest February on record. So what does that portend for March snowfall?? Below are the 7 prior snow deprived February months and how the next month did from a snow view: 1925 - 1.9" / 1950 - 0" / 1959 - 5.9" / 1973 - 0" / 1980 - 6.8" / 1981 - 10.5" / 1998 - 0.5" So.... I will go out on a limb here with my crystal ball for the relative higher elevation areas of Western Chester County and Berks County and predict an elevation driven wet snow event over the last 12 days of the month that will be our largest event of the winter season to date...of course not too tough to beat that 2" event on Jan 18th....keep those snow plows handy my friends!!
  12. While a February without a measurable snow event (more than a trace) is unusual here in the Philadelphia suburbs of Chester County PA. It appears we have an excellent chance of finishing February 2020 with no snow in the Philly burbs of Chester County PA. This would mark our 7th time we have gone without a snow event outside of a trace in February since records began here in the County way back in 1894 our only day with a trace this month was on the 2nd. The other February months without measurable snow were 1950/1959/1973/1980/1981/1998/2020.
  13. 0.23" of rain since yesterday with today being our 4th straight day with measurable rain total over those days is 1.10" month to date at 2.22" and YTD 6.13" vs normal through today of 5.17". Normal snow for the season to date through today is 24.0" - snow so far this season just 5.8" just 24% of normal. If we are finished with snow this season this will be the 3rd least snow ever recorded in Chester County since 1894. Behind only 1972-3 - with no snow and 1949-50 with just 2.4" for snow less bragging rights!
  14. Here in Chester County PA we finished January as the 10th warmest 1st month of a year at 36.5 degrees the top 10 including this year are: 1932 - 42.4 / 1913 - 39.5 / 1950 - 39.5 / 1998 - 38.7 / 1933 - 38.5 / 2006 - 38.4 / 1937 - 38.2 / 1990 - 37.3 / 1906 - 37.1 We also finished with the 44th least January snow at just 3.8". Of note this is also the 29th least snowy season to date with only 5.8" of snow so far. The 28 previous times with this little snow to date - only 4x did we finish w/above normal snowfall (36") for the season. The average ending snow totals for those 28 seasons is only 19.9" of snow. The biggest turn around season was 1913-14 when we only had 3.3" of snow through January but ended up with 54.1" - the worst winter non-turnaround of course is the only season without any recorded snowfall the infamous winter of 1972-3 with no snow accumulation at all.
  15. 2.25" of rain so far here in East Nantmeal Township in Chester County PA - this is the highest daily rainfall since way back on August 13, 2018 when 4.17" fell. It is also the 1st time with 2" or greater precipitation in a day since August 31, 2018. However, we did not set a daily precip record for the day that was set on the last day of the 1909 blizzard that left the county blanketed under 29.0" of snow with 2.54" of w.e. on this day the 25th in 1909.
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