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  1. light-moderate snow to finish it off great little storm
  2. NAM spawns a legit coastal for tomorrow morning thanks in part to the more favorable jet streak
  3. yeah, the jet streak is more meridional. precip should easily blossom given the upper level forcing
  4. looks like the NAM raises heights a bit over the metro and EPA, which allows the PVA to move a bit more inland, increasing precip that small bit of amplification could make a big difference
  5. alternating between sleet and big rimed flakes, mostly the latter
  6. pinging could be similar to during the blizzard, where the convection timed the snow so heavily that it sounded like sleet
  7. absolutely dumping, +SN with good snow growth heaviest of the day
  8. moderate snow, but starting to see bigger flakes great to see. looks like legit dendrites
  9. perfection tons of UL divergence with a massive moisture feed
  10. +SN here, really coming down radar looks insane, sleet still not much of a concern
  11. radar looks gorgeous, and the mix line is not advancing tons of convective precip, this looks like an overperformer
  12. moderate snow with all surfaces covered. radar looks amazing
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