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  1. Ocean temps don’t mean much though if your longwave pattern isn’t favorable. That said I’m watching holding hope somehow this is the one.
  2. Ironically in Chicago right now. Mom at home reported small hail at home earlier. Impressive
  3. Need to pull that ridge back, but still have time. It’s a great ridge, but it’s so Far East
  4. This. Feel this is almost a must. At least right at the coast.
  5. So nice out there. Nothing like deep snow pack and a warm day. Feels like March. Think we get one last shot around 3/20. That PNA could work magic. Thing is without Atlantic help better hope that trough doesn’t moderate any. The further NW the more excited I’d be. Long range but I really liked seeing the gfs suppressed around that time. I think you want to see the cold as strong as possible right now.
  6. That period right around 3/20 looks really good. Finally a nice PNA ridge.
  7. Looks like that period around the 20th may have a nice PNA spike to work with. Might be the last shot for something big. Especially for the coast. Still looking at an inch of so Friday night?
  8. 6.1 here. Nice storm. Had some really good rates. 2nd biggest of the season behind 6.7 in November. 2 hour delay at school.
  9. Man biggest flakes I've seen in a while. Insane rates even just getting clipped with that band.
  10. 32 Moderate snow 3.4 down. Looks amazing as it clings on everything. Plows are out.
  11. Beautiful out there! Super wet snow though power lines already sagging here.
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