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  1. At the very least this one is fun to track. Some crazy solutions showing up
  2. Man so much potential here. NAO tries to do it's dirty work Literally hours sooner this would have been great for so many on this forum. Not sure that ridge being so far east is great though. No expert, but it seems really far east here.
  3. Actually gfs does just that. Its just a little late. Downeast, ME gets crushed at 210.
  4. Northern stream needs to dig in here and maybe even phase. Otherwise you are going to destroy the BL with a low in southern Canada like that. Part of why even on those strong southern stream runs your getting boat loads of rain for the most part.
  5. 2nd this. While it's about to change on Sunday. Away from the blocking it has indeed been an ugly scene.
  6. #WeTake Looking foward to Sunday night out here. Looking to be in line for a general 2 to 4 /3 to 6.Getting lucky n whats otherwise a pretty hostile dry pattern out here. Funny thing is out here.
  7. Would much much rather see the type of set up we saw at 0z then 18z. Not that suppression isn't it a risk, but a lot of the biggies are congrats DC in the early days only to come north later.
  8. Still a great coastal on the gfs. Nice to see the signal this far out. High moves out and it’s cold rain this run but plenty of time to work it out
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