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  1. I’d sell on long term big heat for a while given the wet central US . Humidity is another story though
  2. Today has to be if not close to a record low max. Especially areas near the city.
  3. Damp day with steady light rain. Wow at that storm over Lincoln, NE right now. Nasty hook there.
  4. Insane what's going on in Chi town, but looks like the highest elevations of the Berks are getting snow today as well. Pittsfiled was reporting snow last hour.
  5. What in the world is going on with the Mt Holy radar?
  6. Best night time storm in years here. Line seemed to weaken just after it passed through.
  7. Big time storm here. Tons of CG lightening Dime size hail and I’d estimate winds gusting over 40!
  8. Given the obs I'm guessing the storms will weaken near the coast? Marine layer seems strong.
  9. Looks like a lot of clouds and damp but not soaking weather over the next week. Will feel quiet raw though.
  10. I love cold spring rains. Especially with everything blooming. It’s relaxing.
  11. Any chance of snow Friday with the high nosing in the colder air to the north? Seems like the cold push is getting stronger on some of the runs. Long shot but looked interesting.
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