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  1. Don't love that Northern stream low. Looks like a kicker.
  2. EPS will be interesting. Must be at least a few tucked in members in that mean.
  3. For some reason this winter is starting to remind me of 15-16. Doesn't feel like a totally dud, but also doesn't feel great. Has that 1 hit wonder sort of feel imo. Where we get that favorable 10 day stretch and a single storm and then things sort of break down. The MJO going back into phase 5 is a cause for concern. It's ruled this year.
  4. 35 very heavy rain. Seemed to be just warm enough to avoid ice overnight but now thinking we might be in for a heck of a flash freeze with the temp stabilizing and everything soaking wet.
  5. I'm only about 5 miles to your east and lucked out so far on the ice front. Seems like plain RN here temp hovering between 32 and 33. Gladly take it over ZR. Stay safe to those up north who will be getting a lot of ice.
  6. Sleet has arrived. Overall nice winter scene for a couple of hours. 1.3in. pre changeover.
  7. Ha meant an inch. Wish it was a foot.
  8. Just far enough west to cash in on this one a little bit. Closing in on 1' even main roads are getting covered. Peaceful steady light snow. Mix line seems like it's been about 10 miles or so to my southeast for most of the event so far.
  9. Light flurries have begun in Chatham NJ. Temp 34. I'm about 24 miles west of the city and about 4 miles east of 287 so this is often where the northwest battle zone tends to set up shop. As long as I'm snow its a very good sign for posters north and west.
  10. Looks like a nice thump coming in on radar.
  11. Next weekend has huge potential, but would think will need some blocking or a 50/50 to slow it down. Otherwise the whole set up looks pretty progressive. Have time to work it out though.