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  1. Too far out for specifics but could be a classic situation where elevation plays a huge role given the marginal airmass. Obviously way too early for thermals though. One would think think it’s snow given the cold 850s.
  2. One thing I don't love about this threat is the AO is spiking to plus 3 around the time of the storm. I could be wrong but I've read an AO of that magnitude tends to favor New England more @Henry
  3. Imo great spot for the coast to be in at this juncture. This is so much better then the hopeless low over Buffalo. GEFS/ EPS will be interesting!
  4. Parents going to a wedding in Cumberland MD on 2/1, Leaving NJ on 1/31 returning on 2/2. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.
  5. Man it might be warm, but would imagine you'd get a lot of wind in a set up like that given the location of the high.
  6. Around 3 inches of wet snow last night. Over 17 on the season. Had a pretty wintery week
  7. Is the air mass that bad? I can’t inagine anyone raining given the track and time of year. Not to mention the deepening low.
  8. Light snow 33F looking at 1 to 3 tonight. Approaching seasonal avg of 16 in. It's a nice wet snow sticking on everything. Very pretty.
  9. Sorry if I got a little carried away earlier. lol long day. It's been active. Just need to find a way to get that baroclinic zone further east. Out here we've nickel and dimed our way to a solid year. Little cold air, yet timing has been very good. The pattern coming up in the east seems like one where even a transit block could get things done. Would like to beef up the western ridge, but beggars can't be choosers.
  10. Not getting into it here. Just maybe watch your tone which comes across as a little condescending. Anyhow I think you bring a lot to the table. Carry on. No sense in clogging the forum with meaningless back and forth on who said what.
  11. Your great and I think you bring a lot here, but dude the personal attacks and the throwing shade is getting annoying. It’s not what is argued it’s how it’s argued. No one wants to read through 3 pages of ego filled back and forth every afternoon. I love this community and think there are a lot of contributing members. It’s just the tone sometimes gets a little fresh that’s all.
  12. Have to look at the overall pattern. I know everyone’s grasping for straws, but too much looking beyond 10 days( even 7) is going to burn everyone. That said does seem like an active period coming up with chances. Not terrible nor great. Just have to let things get closer.
  13. Glancing at the gfs. Looked like a nice hit JUST NW of the city. Only issue is the low tracks up over LI but still way far out.
  14. I’d still favor NW but I could see the coast get in on one of these if it does take the right track.
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