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  1. Things look good. Just need to get things going a touch sooner if your looking for high end. Ukie looks very CMC like. Prob a decent hit in there.
  2. Nice run and is it me or did the gfs chase a bit of convection there? Might have had an even better tucked look otherwise.
  3. Getting a nice duster here right now as the as the system pulls away and draws down colder air. 32/30 after about .65 of rain earlier today.
  4. If this trends to a secondary off DE its a game changer for a lot of areas! That would cut off the warming both aloft and at the surface a lot faster. Hopefully it trends to that.
  5. One thing to note for IVT. Your more likely to see it correctly predicted by HHR Nam mesoscales etc.vs a global model like the Euro GFS. It's just that type of feature.
  6. I'm back in NJ Feb 12th to 15th so fingers crossed a little snow pays a visit.
  7. Agree. Plenty of time to change, but need the primary to die quicker. Even if the low deepens. You would really need a transfer near DE and not just south of LI. This is a nice setup for 84 area on NE. Given the cold air in place though. I wouldn't rule out a very solid thump from Trenton NE. Even if nothing changed. Could even be thump to drizzle type deal. I'd just sell on 6 plus for NYC area unless the transfer is a good bit earlier.
  8. These are some crazy differences this close to the event.
  9. Shades of 2007/2008 right there. Classic I-80 gradient.
  10. Not going to lie. I'm getting a little giddy for the cutter around 2/5. Feels so strange routing for cutters at times now. That and 34 and rain is as frustrating in the midwest as it is back on the east coast.
  11. Congrats @Henrylooking solid up that way.
  12. Something to keep in mind. I was finishing up college in Boston in 2015. We had very little snow (less then NYC thus far) and we had one of the most epic months on record that rivaled the western mountains and the snow belt. While that its self is an exception. Winter is far from over. Especially if the blocking holds up. Your getting a good number of storm threats. Thats not the case in a lot of the really awful winters.
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