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  1. lol 0z GFS. Nice 50/50 too. It will be gone in 6 hours but interesting
  2. In addition to snow. Wonder if there is a flash freeze threat on Friday?
  3. GFS is very close on the late week storm. Touch warm at the surface but that's a nice track at this juncture. Actually tries to flip the KC area as the system comes across.
  4. 2nd Half of March does not look warm that's for sure.
  5. Great news from Biden presser. They are using DPA in partnership with Merk to get more vaccine out. Great news!
  6. Looks your going to be in need of a new Governor soon. Disappointed in Cuomo but not surprised. I doubt he lasts at his post more then a couple more weeks. Only Trump survives stuff like this. Fact that the Dems want him out. He gone.
  7. That is an interesting look. The telies are briefly favorable around that time.
  8. Made it to 70F here. 81 degree turnaround over the course of 10 days.
  9. Yup he tells me its not uncommon for him to have a mess up there and wet roads by the time he gets back to Chatham sometime.,
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