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  1. That and the IG lol some good news on the testing front. Starting to get cases turned around in 3 days now
  2. So about 3 days in to giving back test results. A few things. 1. Most cases do indeed come back negative 2. About a couple in a 100 or so are inconclusive 3. The big thing is time. I've seen the turn around as short as 3 days from sample collection all the way to 11 days on both neg and positive cases The average so far is about a 5 day turnaround on tests. 4. The labs are so jammed. Its not uncommon to sit around for 20 minutes without a case to give back because samples aren't coming in from the labs. 5. We can give up to 3 calls and then we leave a voicemail saying to contact CDC.
  3. Great support and info in here tonight. This is a very hard time but we will get there. With the schools closed and no subbing right now. My staffing company has assigned me to work with HHS working on giving testing feedback to patience. So I’ll have sone info as to how it’s going on the testing front out there. I start with them tomorrow. Buckle up and hang on.
  4. Man this just blows. I really hope you feel better pal, but you guys deserve so much better then this.
  5. Here in KC they are, but I completely agree. The southern part of Missouri is becoming the states hot spot. People took it a lot more seriously up here and it seems to be showing more in the numbers.
  6. Agree. This is sort of like a cat 5 that hits land head on. Takes a long while to re generate the core. Even under perfect conditions. Have a feeling the econemy is the same. It will bounce back, but its not happening right away. I could honestly see people go easy on spending through the fall until we know whether or not a 2nd round maybe coming.
  7. Credit where it is due. Good call to extend the deadline to April 30.
  8. They’ve definitely had a change in toon the last few days. From an Easter open to this. I think they are on the right track though. I think trump is finally listening to Fauci.
  9. Wishing all of you the best in the NY area. This site has been an amazing resource and support network. Keep it up! In Missouri our numbers are 670/9 Kansas is 202/4 Per the states
  10. It's starting to spread all over. Even out here in the middle west as some call it.We are over 500 confirmed cases here in Missouri. The cities have taken stricter measures, but overall the state has been lax. Governor says it should be up to the individual to decide what to do. Now we have cases showing up all over the rural parts of the state. Next week my staffing company has assigned me to a job dealing with test results so I'll be seeing more of the data coming in real time. We still don't have nearly enough tests out here. I fear we are going to loose our chance at early containment because of this especially outside KC/STL
  11. Heartbreaking. Today is the first day that the desperate gravity of the situation hit me. I had that same sad sick to the stomach feeling that I've only experience on 9/11 and in the days after Katrina.
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