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  1. Big increase in mask usage in KC this week. I'd same were over 90 percent compliance in situations which warrant it. Up from about 60 percent just 2 weeks ago. People are also gathering less now then before.
  2. Congrats on the storms crew! We got nailed here around 5am today.
  3. Targeted closings are the way to go. You just can’t shut the economy down again. People need to take precautions masks ect but we have to learn to live with thing.
  4. Making progress on masks out here! We’re well over 80 percent usage in stores ect here
  5. I can. Just come to the Midwest. No masks. No social distancing, lack of testing, and almost no pre organization of contact tracing. It's a mess and now we are reaping what we sewed. As of Monday masks are required indoors in KC.
  6. This 100 percent. We can’t keep things closed forever. People just need to use their heads
  7. I think restaurants at 50 percent are doable but bars clubs those are just a disaster for this thing and they bound to get packed. Good call keeping those closed imo.
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