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  1. storm went just north. Some nice gusts 40mph or so.
  2. Just a typical shower here. Must have went just south. Congrats to those that get in on the goods
  3. Country is drying out. Would think that will aid in heating things up in the coming weeks.
  4. With the plains expected to stay pretty damp over the coming couple weeks. I think any shot of heat with have to come from an occasional flex of the southeast ridge. Otherwise a continuation of a wet pattern with a few very pleasant days mixed in imo.
  5. Feels and looks like an October nor'easter out there. Down right raw.
  6. Meh. Maybe some elevated stuff, but I'm not feeling this one for up here. MMU has a southeast wind at 145pm. Never a good sign for storms. Good luck to all though.
  7. Horrible storm in Kansas. Prayers to all involved. Luckily for most of the KC metro the storm cycled at the absolute perfect time and seemed to skip over the most populated parts of the metro before touching down again northeast of Liberty MO.
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