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  1. Actually might have been graupel... here’s a picture
  2. 4.58 million new coronavirus vaccine doses recorded in the United States today, breaking the previous record of 2.92 million vaccine doses in a day (which was set yesterday).
  3. Here in Upper Manhattan, some of the new snow was melted, but some remained. I went to the park and some paths are covered in 0.5" of water - they could be treacherous if it gets below freezing
  4. Never mind just changed over to rain in Upper Manhattan
  5. Still heavy snow in Upper Manhattan It’s accumulating on all surfaces now
  6. Heavy snow in Upper Manhattan only sticking to cars so far though.
  7. Light snow in Upper Manhattan. I think there was rain mixing in at some point but the snow won out
  8. RGEM seems to stay snow for I-95 and points north and west for Sunday's storm. Has 0.2" QPF for I-95, more to the southeast and less to the northwest.
  9. I can't speak for LGA but I live a couple miles north of the park and measured around the same time as them, and their 1PM measurements from yesterday and today were right in line with what I got (not counting the ice), so I think Central Park is accurate. Regardless it was a nice long-duration storm here.
  10. 7PM Official Reports KNYC: 4.4" KLGA: 4.1" KJFK: 5.0" KEWR: 5.3" KISP: 5.0"
  11. I have about 0.6” new snow from today in Upper Manhattan, on top of the ~3.5” snow and ice from yesterday. Light snow now.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that I hope you are alright. I measured the crusty layer of snow/ice and it is about 1/8 inch thick.
  13. There’s icing on cars and many other surfaces in Upper Manhattan. The top of the snow has hardened into a crust which cracks when you step on it. Freezing drizzle right now
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