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  1. The 3km NAM shouldn't be used for tropical cyclones because it does this to every storm
  2. It's raining hard here in Upper Manhattan with the occasional rumble of thunder.
  3. We could look at NYC as an example. In NYC, 0.69 in 100,000 of children ages 0-17 died of coronavirus, according to NYC health, or 0.00069%. If there were a 20% infection rate among children, like the general population in NYC, that would be a 0.00345% IFR. If children had a much lower infection rate because of school closures, like 5%, that would be a 0.0138% IFR. (I think)
  4. At least for high school, I feel like social distanced school would be even less productive than online school... all the requirements would take up a lot of time and would just be a pain. Un-socially distanced school is better if possible but it may not be possible, in which case online school may be preferable.
  5. The wind has also been howling all day in Manhattan
  6. It didn't stick, but there were flurries for a solid 20 minutes
  7. I see some small hail in upper Manhattan. Lightning and thunder too
  8. Here's an interesting article: Surprising number of pregnant women at NYC hospitals test positive for COVID-19 According to this article and study, 15% of pregnant women tested positive for coronavirus between March 22nd and April 4th, 2020. I'm not sure how to interpret this in regard to the population as a whole, but it seems to be an important study.
  9. After a long stay in phase 2 the MJO seems to be finally moving on. Let's hope for a speedy return to the cold phases.
  10. I might not get 1" of snow but there's one thing I can count on, there will be 1" of salt on the roads
  11. Looking at the models, it seems like the models with more precip also have the storm going more north. So it seems to me like there's a higher ceiling for areas like NW NJ, the Hudson Valley, and Massachusetts than NYC, LI, and Eastern New Jersey. I'd be happy with any snow though
  12. Do you think the ~60 degree temperatures on Tuesday, or the rain, will decrease snow accumulations significantly on Wednesday? It seems to me like it would have a negative impact.
  13. Here's snow totals at hour 72 (when it's done for everyone except for Suffolk County and Eastern New England)
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