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  1. March is now the snowiest month of this winter season in NYC. We've had a crazy run in March. For the past 3 years, March has been the snowiest month of the season at KNYC, and of the past 5 years, 4 have had their snowiest month in March.
  2. Sidewalks and roads are slushy, about 1” on cars, probably 1” on grass too in Upper Manhattan.
  3. We’ve also never gotten more than 5 days in a row of snow over 0.1 inches. It doesn’t look like we can get 6 though, but it will be interesting to possibly tie a record.
  4. I have about 4-4.5” as well in Upper Manhattan. I may have undercounted though because I’m not sure exactly how much snow remained from yesterday.
  5. It’s just with the next wave, as it starts at 24 hours. That’s an impressive amount of snow!
  6. We’ve been getting lucky with our storm timings since yesterday. The past 2 and the next 2 storms are all starting at night. That really helps in March.
  7. We might tie a record this week. The most amount of consecutive days with at least 0.1 inches of snow at KNYC is 5 days, in 1938 and 1923. We already have Thursday and Friday, and we could get Saturday, Sunday, and Monday too, tieing that record.
  8. I got just about 2 inches snow in Upper Manhattan. Finally made it over 10 inches for 2018-2019.
  9. The 18z GFS has made a sizable jump north with the first wave. The northern extent of precipitation has moved from Dover Delaware to Monmouth County NJ.
  10. In December 1989 the average temperature was 25.9 degrees F with a -11.6 F departure.
  11. Very heavy snow, maybe 500 ft visibility in Downtown Manhattan
  12. Here are some temperatures outputted by the latest versions of these models at 12z tomorrow (from tropical tidbits): HRRR: 3F NAM 3km: 3F NAM 12km: 5F RGEM: 5F GFS: 10F FV3: 4F CMC: 10F ICON: 1F Per ECMWF: 4F
  13. This storm is starting to remind me of March 2017 here. During that storm originally we thought we would get lots of snow here, and then we thought we would get rain, but we ended up getting lots of sleet. I remember it being rain in JFK but near Central Park it just kept sleeting instead. Where I am I think we got 7-9 inches of snow and 2-3 inches of sleet.
  14. They did this with the last storm too. When the storm hitting DC now was 156 hours out (06z 1/7/19), the GFS showed a coastal hugger with rain in and south of NYC and only snow to the north. It also showed the storm going more up the coast. It adjusted quickly though and just 24 hours later in the 06z 1/8/19 run it showed the storm mainly impacting Virginia, close to what actually happened. If we see this trend on this storm as well it will be good for us
  15. This would be very cool and probably my coldest temperature ever felt (I would be very excited) but I feel like the FV3 exaggerates cold temperatures. Around Christmas, they had cold waves around 10 degrees in NYC for last week, which didn’t happen. Does anyone know why this would happen on the FV3?
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