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  1. Moderate snow was hanging on for a while here in Upper Manhattan, but now it's down to flurries.
  2. Light snow is still falling in Upper Manhattan. Central Park might make it to 11.3" as it has been snowing for 3 hours since their 7AM observation and it looks like there is at least another hour of snow to go.
  3. About 9” snow in Upper Manhattan. It’s still snowing lightly here.
  4. Somebody just north of State College must be racking up some extreme amounts of snow. There has been bands sitting over that area for hours.
  5. Around 4-4.5" snow here in Upper Manhattan. Still all snow. The sky is quite a bit brighter than you would expect at this hour due to the thick clouds reflecting light from the ground.
  6. About 2.25" snow in Upper Manhattan at 7pm. NWS predicts there is still 8-12" to go from here.
  7. Snowing hard, visibility 1/4 mile in Upper Manhattan. Going to go out in a few min to measure totals
  8. To be fair, that is after 7pm so it doesn't count the snow that has already fallen
  9. NYC - 10" LGA - 10" JFK - 6" PHL - 4" BOS - 10" ACY - T
  10. There's a little more snow at hr39 on RGEM so here's the trend there (Kuchera)
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