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  1. Same here. By the way, I respect and salute your service.
  2. I agree. I'm still waiting for the digital 10" it printed out for me on 12/2.
  3. Hello there neighbor. Hopefully we get a surprise and wake up to a fresh 3" blanket of plastered wet snow.
  4. Very much appreciate this! Can't believe it's been 10 years since our last measurable snowfall on 12/31! And ONLY four inches fell in the snowiest year which was in 1948. The bar is set really low. Hopefully, we crush the record this year!
  5. Apologies if this isn't the ideal thread for this question - but: It would be appreciated if uncle W or someone with a wealth of knowledge can provide a list of the snowiest New Year Eve storms at Central Park ever since record began. Since there is a growing evidence that the general pattern may be improving by then, I am rooting hard for at least a decent snowstorm (hopefully a raging blizzard) to impact NYC. I would like to see how the Times Square ball drop event is affected and how the tourists would react.
  6. Hello Jet. Nice to see your first post! Don't fret - I have a hunch that this "blob" will expand in areal coverage on future runs - other models have already and will continue to adjust for the effects of the ULL.
  7. Wow, AccuWeather gives the middle finger to basically all of the NYC metro area with their current forecast. What are they smoking? To make matters worse, many commuters returning from Thanksgiving could be unprepared for this onslaught if the Euro / EPS ends up verifying.
  8. They still are only predicting 1-3" for NYC in their 10-day outlook.
  9. How was the 12z EPS? Unchanged? Can someone please post it? Thanks.
  10. True fact: To protest against this winter, I have yet to break out my gloves, hats or scarves to wear them until we get a 1" or greater snowstorm. On the subway last week, people were looking at me like I was an alien since I was only wearing a jacket & sunglasses during the "arctic outbreak."
  11. Any updates on the 0z Euro anyone? Just would like to hear about the 500 mb setup for the 28th and beyond. Would be appreciated.
  12. Nice post. If I remember correctly, didn't the January 2018 storm that clobbered NYC / New England with 12"+ & fierce winds have this same feature of poleward heights? I think that storm had a south-to-north component to it.
  13. With all due respect, can you please further elaborate on this? I don't think I've seen any respected met declare such a statement this on this forum.
  14. That's just bad luck I guess. But personally, all I am asking for right now is a two-week prolonged period of sub-freezing days in which we would get a 3-6" storm once a week to build up a snowpack. Then, during week 3, we can get a larger storm (10-15"); and for week 4, another 4-8" would help to refresh / maintain it while we get another arctic blast. That's it. Then from Week 5 on, it can torch all it wants to.
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